Bike Price in Nepal | 2022 Update

Are you a bike enthusiast and planning to purchase a new bike in 2020? Wonder which bike to purchase? Worry not, we are here to help. We have listed bike price in Nepal with their Brand. The price list below is from 2020. Lets dive into the price list, shall we?

Updated Bike Price in Nepal

Yamaha Bikes Price Nepal

BikeBike Price (in NRs)
YZF R39,24,900
R15 V34,64,900
Fazer 254,14,900
FZ 254,74,900
FZS V33,54,900
FZS V2 Blue Edition2,99,900
FZS V23,29,900

Bajaj Bikes Price Nepal

BikeBike Price (in NRs)
Dominar D4005,29,900
Pulsar 200 NS FI ABS3,56,900
Pulsar NS 200 ABS3,36,900
Pulsar NS 160 ABS2,89,900
Pulsar 220 F3,16,900
Pulsar 150 Twin Disc2,68,900
Pulsar 1502,57,900
Discover 125 Disc1,96,900
Discover 125 Drum1,89,900
Discover 125 ST2,06,900
Avenger Cruise 2203,41,900
Platina 100ES1,67,900

Honda Bikes Price Nepal

BikeBike Price (in NRs.)
CB Shine2,44,900
CB Shine SP2,64,900
CB Unicorn 1502,61,900
CB Unicorn 1602,74,900
CB Hornet 160R3,06,900
CD 110 Dream1,84,900
CBR 250R6,79,900
CBR 650F19,99,900
CBR 600RR34,50,000
CRF Africa Twin25,50,000
CRF 250L12,19,000
CRF 250L Rally 13,25,000
XR 150L5,24,900
XR 190L6,24,900

Royal Enfield Bikes Price Nepal

BikeBike Price (in NRs)
Bullet 5005,75,000
Bullet 500 Classic5,61,00
Bullet 300 Classic4,99,000
Bullet Thunderbird 3005,77,000
Bullet Thunderbird 3007,21,000
Classic Chrome5,81,000
Bullet Electra4,32,000

TVS Bikes Price Nepal

BikeBike Price (in NRs)
TVS Max 125 2,41,900
Stryker 1251,96,000
Radeon 1,85,900
XL 1001,15,900
RTR 160 2V2,68,900
RTR 160 4V2,89,900
RTR 180 2V2,79,900
RTR 200 4V V2.03,24,900
RR 3107,79,900

Benelli Bikes Price Nepal

BikeBike Price (in NRs)
TNT 15 2,30,000
TNT 150i3,15,000
BN 2515,20,000
TNT 1352,75,000
TNT 254,50,000
TNT 3008,10,000
TNT 600i20,50,000
Tornado 302R7,50,000
TRK 50216,00,000
TNT 600 GT16,50,000

KTM Bikes Price

BikeBike Price (in NRs)
Duke 200 4,55,900
Duke 2505,49,900
Duke 3907,14,900
RC 2005,42,900
RC 3908,19,900

UM Bikes Price Nepal

BikeBike Price (in NRs)
Powermax 1251,85,000
Nitro LS 1251,85,000
Renegade Duty 1252,40,000
Renegade Sport 1402,50,000
Renegade Sport 1802,85,000
Renegade Commando3,75,000
Xtreet R 1802,65,000
Xtreet R 2002,78,000
Xtreet R 2303,70,000
DSR 2003,99,000
DSR 2303,66,999
Hypershot 2004,05,000
Hypershot 230

CF Moto Bikes Price

BikeBike (in NRs)
150 NK 2,99,000
250 NK4,60,000
400 NK6,40,000
650 NK10,00,000
650 MT11,70,000
ST Papio2,25,000

Ducati Bikes Price

BikeBike Price (in NRs)
Scrambler Classic23,00,000
Scramble Icon19,80,000
Scramble Full Throttle23,00,000
Scramble Flat Track Pro25,00,000
Scramble Dessert Sled25,00,000
Scramble Cafe Racer25,00,000
Scramble Urban Enduro21,50,000
Monster 1200S34,00,000
Monster 69619,50,000
Monster 79620,50,000
Monster 82124,00,000
Monster 1100 EVO25,00,00
Monster 821 Stripe26,00,00
Monster 1200S Stripe36,00,000
Multistrada 95029,50,000
Multistrada 120037,00,000
Multistrada 1200 Touring39,00,000
Multistrada 1200s Grand Turismo43,00,000
Multistrada 1200s44,00,000
Multistrada 1200s Pikes Peaks45,00,00
Multistrada 1200s touring45,00,00
Diavel Carbon Red42,00,000
Diavel Carbon White42,50,000
Diavel Titanium58,50,000
Panigale 95923,00,00
Panigale 129945,00,00
Panigale 1299s54,00,000
Panigale 1299r68,00,000
Panigale V447,00,000
Panigale V4 S57,00,000
Panigale V4 Speciale82,50,000

These are some of the motorcycle brand available in our country. Above mentioned bike price in Nepal are the price that was updated for 2020.

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