Top 10 Bikes with Highest Mileage

Bikes with Best Mileage

A motorcycle is the most convenient mode of transport. It is small, light and can let you through heavy traffic. Most of the people in countries like Nepal, India, and other South Asian countries prefer bikes as their main mode of transportation. However, the major concern to people who own a bike is the increasing cost of fuel. Fuel economy and mileage is the primary concern for people while purchasing a bike. Here is the list of top 10 bikes with the highest mileage in today’s market.

Top 5 Bikes With Highest Mileage

  1. TVS Sports: TVS sports should be the first pick to anyone who wants to purchase a bike with highest mileage. This bike gives a mileage of 95 kmpl. Consisting of 100 cc engine, TVS Sports was awarded the most fuel efficient bike of 2019.
  2. Bajaj Platina: Bajaj is a house hold name for motor bike lovers. Bajaj has produced some iconic bikes like Bajaj Pulsar. With the increasing demand of fuel efficient bikes, Bajaj has developed one of the best fuel efficient bike in Platina. Bajaj Platina features a 102 cc engine with a mileage of 90 kmpl.
  3. Hero Splender Pro: Hero Splender is one of the classic bikes in this category. It has a rich history and was considered one of the best buy in the 90’s. Today, Hero Splender Pro is still considered one of the top bikes with a mileage of 90 kmpl.
  4. Bajaj CT 100: Second Bajaj product in the list. Bajaj CT 100 is one of the bikes with highest mileage. With a 100 cc engine, you get a mileage of 89 kmpl from Bajaj CT 100. Almost similar with its Bajaj Companion.
  5. TVS Star City Plus: Second entry from TVS. TVS Start City Plus is one of the famous commuter motor bike with an impressive mileage of 86 kmpl.

Other 5 Top Bikes With Highest Mileage

  1. Hero Passion Pro i3s: Passion Pro i3s from Hero is one of the cheapest bike available in the market. Regardless its price, Hero Passion Pro i3s is known for its outstanding fuel economy with 84 kmpl.
  2. Honda Dream Yuga: Honda has always been known for developing modern, performance based and economical bikes. Like other Honda bikes, Honda Dream Yuga gives good performance from its 110 cc engine and is also largely economical with a mileage of 84 kmpl.
  3. Yamaha Saluto RX: Yamaha Saluto RX is the first entry in this list from Japanese Automobile manufacturer Yamaha. Known for its impressive pickup and acceleration, Yamaha Saluto RX also features a wonderful mileage of 82 kmpl.
  4. Hero Splender Plus: Another entry from Hero, Hero Splender Plus comes with a mileage of 81 kmpl. Unlike Hero Splender Pro, it comes a lot cheaper in the market.
  5. TVS Victor: Known for its smooth handling and power packed performance, TVS Victor is yet another entry in this list from TVS. Although, the highlight of this bike is its brilliant design, an excellent mileage of 70 kmpl is another reason to purchase this bike.

Here are the top 10 bikes with the highest mileage capability available in the market to buy.

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