How To Keep Car Tyre Durable?

Durable Car Tyre

According to some experts on automobile, a good tyre should provide excellent mileage, better control while driving and overall smooth ride. A good tyre should also be durable and last long. However, the over all performance of a car depends on the condition of the car. Also, a car’s tyre plays vital role in the diminish of a car and its performance. Therefore, car tyres should be maintained and taken care of. Here are different tips on hoe to keep car tyre durable and make them last longer.

Keep Car Tyre Durable

  • Maintain Tyre Pressure: Check the pressure in the tire on regular interval. Try to maintain the optimum pressure on the tyre. Good Pressure on the tyre can give you a better mileage. However, exceeding the pressure limit can heat up the air inside the tyre. As a result, the tyre may explode.
  • Check Tyre Thread: With tyre pressure, tyre thread should also be checked regularly. In general, a new tyre has about 8-9 mm of thread depth. Over a period of time, the thread depth keeps decreasing. The thread depth must always be above 1.6 mm. Once it reaches 1.6 mm, the tyre should be replaced. Therefore, keep checking the tyre thread before going on a ride.
  • Rotate the Tyre: Rotating the tyres is a way to avoid the wearing of tyre. It also increase the thread life of the tire. Experts recommend to rotate the tyres every 5000 – 8000 kms.
  • Steer the car carefully: Steering the car randomly can lead car tyres to wear and tear. Always steer the car by balancing the tyres.
  • Use recommended tyre: When its time to change the tyre, replace the old tyre with new recommended tyre. Cheap and random tyre can dis-balance the car and they do not last longer.
  • Accelerate properly: Accelerating car quickly can damage the tyres. Therefore, always accelerate the car normally without rushing.

These are some of to tips to keep you car tyre durable.

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