20 Car Maintenance Tips to Make Car Last Longer

Car Maintenance Tips

Purchasing a car is one of the many dreams of people in Nepal. However, buying a car is not that easy. Since all the cars available in Nepal are imported, they are expensive to buy. Unfortunately, cars in Nepal are getting expensive even more. A car lasts 3 to 5 years long in average. Therefore, if you plan to purchase a car or already own one, taking care of the car is most to make it last even longer. Here are 20 car maintenance tips to make your car last longer.

Car Maintenance Tips to Make Your Car Last Longer

  1. Drive Smoothly: Driving aggressively decreases the fuel economy of your car. Therefore, always drive your car smoothly.
  2. Continuous Servicing: One of the most overlooked things is the servicing schedule of your car. Do not forget to get your car serviced on the recommended servicing schedule. A well maintained car can last longer than its average time.
  3. Inspect your car: Always remember to inspect your car visually to find if there are any issues or damages.
  4. Use A/C in your car: Most people tend to not use the A/C in their car to save fuel. But, irregular use of A/C can lead to leakage of “refrigerant gas” which costs a lot to refill the gas.
  5. Check tire pressure: Do not forget to ensure your tire is at ideal air pressure. It helps in easier handling of your car and also prevents your tires from wearing out.
  6. Take care of little things: Always try to take care of little things before they turn out to be a major problem.
  7. Replace Spark Plugs and Leads: Replacing spark plugs and Leads can enhance the performance a car’s engine. You can perform this task by yourself.
  8. Change fluids regularly: As you all know, fluids are the blood for your car. Therefore, regularly check the fluids in your car and change it if necessary.
  9. Change filters regularly: The filters in your car such as- air filter and oil filter gets filled with dust over a period of time. Therefore, change them frequently.
  10. Use good oil: Use of cheap or old oil that are contaminated. Use of those oil can shorten the longevity of your car. Therefore, always use recommended oil for your car.\
  11. Keep your car clean: Always keep your car clean by washing it on regular interval of time. Keeping your car clean can help to increase its life.
  12. Limit the load in your car: Do not overload your car. Heavy load stresses your car causing damage to engine and other components as well.
  13. Keep your car covered: Use a car cover if you are not using your car for a long period of time. It will prevent your car from dust and dirt.
  14. Maintain the Battery: Irregular use of your car can cause damage to the battery. If the battery goes flat, you can not start your car. Therefore, check and maintain your battery regularly.
  15. Do not modify your car: Modifying car and its part makes your car less reliable. Also, modification can shorten the life of a car. Therefore, do not get tempted to modify your car.
  16. Make your car rust free: Never forget to remove rust from your if you see one. Rust can increase with time and lead to metal corrosion.
  17. Warm Up: Starting your car in cold causes most damage to engine. Therefore, let your engine warm up and rise the temperature to its normal working temperature.
  18. Cool down: Immediately switching off the hot engine shortens its life by cooking the oil. Therefore, cool down your car before switching it off.
  19. Use original parts: Do not use cheap car parts while changing one. Always use the recommended parts.
  20. Avoid puddles: Getting your car into puddles can damage your car physically. However, avoiding puddles is not easy in Nepal because of the road conditions.

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