Rain Tire for Motorcycle

Best Rain Tires For Motorcycle

Owning a bike and riding it is fun and adventurous. While it is fun, it is also dangerous because of various reasons. For instance, wet roads in monsoon is one of the major cause of bike accidents. Therefore, it is essential to have a right sets of tire to enhance the grip in wet conditions, thus improving the overall ride quality. Although, getting a set of rain tires is expensive, it can prove to be a great investment one can make. Choosing best set of rain tires for motorcycle can be a hassle, since large number of companies manufacture and offer various rain tires. So in this article, I have presented a list of best rain tires for your motorcycle.

Best Rain Tires You Can Purchase

  • Michelin Pilot 4 Road: Michelin is one of the top manufacturers of all-round tires. The design and pattern of Michelin Pilot 4 Road pushes the water away when it comes to contact. The “dual-compound rubber construct” extends the longevity of the tire while maintaining the grip in the turning.
  • Continental Extra: Basically designed for old and classic bikes, continental extra provides the experience of modern bikes in both wet and dry conditions.
  • Pirelli Angel GT: Manufactured from in-house “Pirelli’s standard bi-compound material”, Pirelli Angel GT provides both straight and cornering performance in wet roads. While doing so, it does not impact the ride quality whatsoever.
  • Metzeler Tourance EXP: Metzeler Tourance EXP, which is known for its versatility is a product of Germany. This tire is best known for its off-road expedition in rainy regions or wet conditions.
  • Bridgestone Exedra Max: Bridgestone Exedra Max is one of the most durable tire available in the market. It is one of the best tires in long range travel and provides stability in dry conditions. Moreover, this durable tire pumps away the water and makes your ride easier and safe in wet conditions.

To wrap up, these are some of the best rain tires for your motorcycle. All the tire in the list provides great stability and grip, enhancing the ride quality.

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