Types of Bike Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

Bike Maintenance You Can Do

Maintenance of your motorbike is important. A properly maintained bike retains its shape and performance while providing you with the same joyful and comfortable ride. Moreover, a well-maintained motorbike can give you proper mileage capability. However, maintaining your bike at regular intervals can cost you a handful of money. So, why not maintain your bike by yourself at home. Here is the list of types of bike maintenance that you can do yourself at home. But remember to consult a mechanic or read the guidebook before doing one.

Bike Maintenance That You Can Do At Home

  1. Oil Change: Oil is very important for the engine. It must be changed after you ride your bike for several kilometres. Read the bike manual to find out when to change the oil. Changing oil at regular interval helps your bike running for longer period.
  2. Clean Air Filter: Air filter ensures the smoother flow of air in the bike resulting in a better performance. In doing so, air filter traps dust and other particles. Therefore, the filter must be cleaned and replaced if needed. Use kerosene to clean the air filter on your bike.
  3. Maintain Tire Pressure: Tires are the most important part of a motorcycle. You must always check the pressure in the tire. To check the tire pressure, insert an air pressure gauge into the valve stem on the wheel. Check the pressure and maintain it if necessary.
  4. Change coolant: Coolant is used to prevent bike from overheating or freezing. To change the coolant, remove the bolt from the coolant drain bolt. Make sure to drain everything. Install the drain bolt and refill the coolant. Once the coolant is changed and refilled, put all the body part together as before.
  5. Nuts and bolts: Remember to check all the nuts, bolts, mirror panels,mud guards in the bike when ever you are free. Tighten them if they are loose and prevent yourself from unlikely accidents.

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