How To Keep Motorcycle Tyre Durable?

Durable Motorcycle Tyre

People often tend to ignore the condition of the tyre in a motorcycle. Motorcycle tyres are possibly the most overlooked part while maintaining the motorcycle. People forget that tyre is one of the most essential and sensitive part of a motorcycle. Therefore, tyres in a motorcycle should be maintained. A good tyre increases the fuel economy while making the ride smoother. A tyre can last longer if taken proper care. So what are the factors that helps to maintain the tyre last longer? Here are tips on how to keep motorcycle tyre durable.

Keep Motorcycle Tyre Durable

  • Check Tyre pressure: One of the important factor in a tyre is its pressure. Ensure to check the tyre pressure before heading out for a ride. One can easily check the pressure of the tyre with the help of a tyre pressure gauge. In case of less or high tire pressure, maintain the optimum tyre pressure recommended.
  • Check Tyre: Beside checking the tyre pressure, make sure to look after some wear and tear in the tyre. Contact a mechanic if you find any.
  • Adjust the Suspension: Most of the bike allows for adjustment despite having some sophisticated suspension system. Adjusting the suspension is safer then adjusting the tyre pressure in a bike.
  • Avoid puddles: Avoiding puddles is one of the factor that can prolong the tyre’s life. Avoiding puddles and holes in the road can minimize the physical effect on the tyre, thus increasing its life.
  • Do not ride aggressively: Aggressive riding often leads to aggressive braking. Aggressive breaking lead to wearing of the tyre. It also minimizes the grip leading to accidents.
  • Avoid extreme cornering: Hard cornering shifts the weight of the bike to the outside of the tyre, which increases the load in the tyre. The increased load in the tyre can increase the wearing of the tyre thread.

These are some of the tips that helps to keep motorcycle tyre durable.

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