How to check your license status online?


People had to wait in a long queue for hours to fill-up the form for driving license or check their license status. But now with that’s not necessary. Department of Transport Management has begun an online application method for driving license in Nepal. You can check your license status online instantly.

All you have to do is go to the website of the Department of Transport Management or click here. It will take you to the check status page.

license status page

You will see this page. then all you have to do is enter your reference no or license no. After that select your date of birth and click on check status.

To assist the online setting there is a using SMS service for proving driving license results for written tests and driving license status.

You can also find out the status by sending SMS to 33001 for just Rs 5. Type ‘LC <space> [Application ID]’ and Send it to 33001 to know the status of your driving license.

Overall, it is much better than standing in line and waiting. Now People don’t have to visit the Department of Transport Management office to know about the licensed status.

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