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Step To follow If You Lost Driving License In Nepal (2024 Update)

Driving license is an important document in Nepal. If this important thing gets lost it gives a hectic situation.  It is a frustrating and stressful experience. We all know it is a waste of your day if you need to visit Government offices.

Here are the few steps to follow if lost driving license in Nepal.

  • First of all you need to file a police report.
  • You need to contact the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and request a replacement license.
  • You need to get a recommendation letter from Traffic Police and submit it to the Transport office along with an application.

Step to follow if you know your License Number to remake lost driving license in Nepal

You should take a recommendation letter from Traffic Police headquarters to remake lost driving license in Nepal which can be now done through online.

This is a sample for filling an online form. You can change it according to your information to reissue your lost driving license in Nepal.

Now you need to visit your Department of Transport Management to get your license.

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What to do you don’t know  your License Number to reissue lost driving license in Nepal?

You need a license number to fill the above form to get your lost driving license in Nepal. But if you don’t remember your license number or don’t have a photocopy of your driving license. You need to visit the transport office  with your citizenship. You need to request them to search license details.

It will be easier if you date when you got your license. This won’t charge any fee but might take some time. Afer that you can fill online form.

To check the application status a your lost license, you need to type Your Application ID.

Charge for replacement of  lost driving license in Nepal

You need to pay  around Rs. 500 for a new  license. The fee might change to reprint the license. You can confirm this query in the transport office.

 Additional information 

How to get driving license with online registration

  • You need to have a citizenship- verified account in DOTM’s Online Driving License System.
  • Create an  account in DOTM Nepal.

You need to have an account in the  DOTM Nepal to apply for an Online Driving License In Nepal, Renew and add a new category to your existing License.

Steps to create an account in DOTM Nepal

  1. Click on sign up and fill up the form: Visit Online Driving License System’s Homepage and register.
  2. Verify your mobile number with OTP: Check your mobile for a one-time password sent by DOTM  Nepal’s License System. If you don’t receive OTP You can click “Resend OTP”
  3. Update Personal Details: You need to update your personal details such as your DOB, gender, blood group, guardian’s name, information  etc.
  1. Update Address: A temporary and permanent address should be clearly mentioned. It should match with your citizenship details.
  2. Update Citizenship: Citizenship Number, Citizenship Type, Issue District and Issue Date should be updated properly. You need to upload your citizenship front and back side’s clear image.
  1. Account is Ready

You need to note your username. An SMS with your username is sent to your phone. Keep this username safe, It is required to log into your account in the future.

  • Apply for a Driving license
  1. Fill out the online driving license form.
  2. Visit the office to submit your biometrics and necessary documents.
  3. Pass the written exam 
  4. Take the trial exam 
  5. Make the payment for the license fee and receive your driving license. The payment to obtain printed Nepali Driving License is 1500.

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