What is the age to get a license in Nepal?


Getting a driving license is one of the most important achievements in our life. It gives us a feeling of independence. However, there is an age limit for everything. Driving without a license is illegal and dangerous. Even though you have a practice driving a bike or a car in a safe place. You should be of a certain age and need to pass the test to get a license.

learning to get a license in Nepal

According to the transpiration Act 2049,  a person should be sixteen years old to get the driving license in the case of two-wheel motor vehicles.

Likewise, a person should be of eighteen years old in the case of a medium and light motor vehicle. The people should have a minimum age of 18 to get the driving license of 4 wheelers medium vehicles.

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Similarly, to get the license of heavy vehicles like truck, a person should be 21 years old.

Moreover, there is a discussion going on about increasing the minimum age limit for the license. It is said to replace the current terms of a minimum age of 16 years old to receive a driving license. The minimum age will be 18 years old.

Overall, people should know how to drive a car or a bike properly. Also, they should pass the driving test.

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