Tata Car Price in Nepal | 2020 Update


TATA Motors is an Indian automobile manufacturing company. The company was founded in 1945. Moreover, Tata is a very popular car brand here in Nepal. It is mostly famous because of its pickups, vans and trucks of all sizes.

Furthermore, Sipradi Trading Pvt Ltd. is the distributor of tata in Nepal. It distributes both pick up cars and passenger cars.There are 6 different models of Tata vehicles available in Nepal.

Tata car price in Nepal

Price of Tata car in Nepal

Here is a list of available Tata vehicles in Nepal with price.

Tata Tiago Revotron XE (Petrol 1199 cc)Rs. 24.99 Lakhs
Tata Tiago Revotron XM (Petrol 1199 cc)Rs. 28.55 Lakhs
Tata Tiago Revotron XZ (Petrol 1199 cc)Rs. 30.99 Lakhs
Tata Tiago Revotron XZ+ (Petrol 1199 cc)Rs. 31.99 Lakhs
Tata Tigor Revotron XE (Petrol 1199 cc)Rs. 27.99 Lakhs
Tata Tigor Revotron XMO (Petrol 1199 cc)Rs. 29.99 Lakhs
Tata Tigor Revotron XZ (Petrol 1199 cc)Rs. 31.99 Lakhs
Tata Tigor Revotron XZ+ (Petrol 1199 cc)Rs. 33.99 Lakhs
Tata NRG Revotron (Petrol 1199 cc)Rs. 31.99 Lakhs
Tata Nexon Revotron XM (Petrol 1198 cc)Rs. 37.99 Lakhs
Tata Nexon Revotron XZ (Petrol 1198 cc)Rs 40.55 Lakhs
Tata Nexon Revotron XZ+ (Petrol 1198 cc)Rs. 43.99 Lakhs
Tata Nexon Revotron XZA+ (Petrol 1198 cc)Rs. 46.55 Lakhs
Tata Nexon Revotron XZ+ Dual Tone (Petrol 1198 cc)Rs. 44.55 Lakhs
Tata Nexon Revotorq XE (Diesel 1497 cc)Rs. 38.55 Lakhs
Tata Nexon Revotorq XM (Diesel 1497 cc)Rs. 40.959 Lakhs
Tata Nexon Revotorq XT (Diesel 1497 cc)Rs. 43.55 Lakhs
Tata Nexon Revotorq XZ+ (Diesel 1497 cc)Rs. 46.55 Lakhs
Tata Nexon Revotorq XZA+ (Diesel 1497 cc)Rs. 48.99 Lakhs
Tata Nexon Revotorq XZ+ Dual Tone (Diesel 1497 cc)Rs. 46.99 Lakhs
Tata H5 XE (Diesel 1956cc)Rs. 58.55 Lakhs
Tata H5 XM (Diesel 1956cc)Rs. 65.99 Lakhs
Tata H5 XT (Diesel 1956cc)Rs. 70.99 Lakhs
Tata H5 XZ (Diesel 1956cc)Rs. 75.99 Lakhs
Tata Hexa XT 4×4 (Diesel 2179 cc)Rs. 91.55 Lakhs

Nexon, Sumo, Tiago, Tigor, and bolt are some of the best selling cars of TATA in Nepal. People prefer TATA cars because of its build-up quality and powerful engine.

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