Gears you need to have while riding bikes.

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Riding a bike safely is very important and a responsible thing to do. Driving carelessly can lead to serious injuries and even death. And we don’t want that to happen. You need some gears to protect yourself from any harm in the care of and crash or accident.

Here are some essential gears you need while riding a bike that will protect you from serious injuries.

1) Helmet

Gears you need ( helmet)

You should never forget to wear a helmet while riding a bike. It is comparably to wear a helmet. You can get in trouble if traffic police find you not wearing a helmet and riding a bike. Likewise, a full-face helmet can protect you from so many things. Let’s say you had an accident and you weren’t wearing any helmet. At this point, you are already dead because of a serious head injury or you don’t have a face and lying on the hospital bed.

Moreover, the helmet also saves you from bugs flying in your eyes or mouth. Also wearing a full-face helmet gives you that mysterious look. While buying a helmet make sure it is your size, not too big or small. And should be able to handle the crash.

2) Gloves

Gears you need to have while riding bikes.

It might seem unnecessary and many people don’t use it. But wearing gloves is very important and mandatory. Let’s say you had an accident and you are flying in the mid-air. The first thing you do is use your hand to grab something to save yourself. The gloves prevent your hands from serious injuries. Likewise, wearing gloves can protect your bones from breaking, skin from any cuts. Choose a pair of gloves that has armoured knuckles, least leather palms and ventilation. You don’t want sweaty hands while riding your bike.

3) Jacket

Jacket as a important gear for riding a bike

Wearing a jacket isn’t just for protecting yourself from sun and wind, it does more than that. It makes you look cool. As a bike rider, you know the wind will hit you hard when you speed up. Yes, you might feel a bit sweaty but it will protect you from the sun. Likewise, wearing a jacket will keep your skin protected from any cuts in an accident. Buy a jacket that contains armour, something to protect you from any harm. But most importantly, the jacket should be of your size.

4) Boots

Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Company Men's Outlaw Motorcycle Boots

Do not wear slippers while riding a bike. It is unsafe and kinda stupid. Let’s say you have all your necessary gears but you are wearing slippers instead of boots. Wearing books isn’t about only fashion, it about protection too. A high ankle book will protect you from any severe injuries and keep your skin on your body. Boots also provide a nice grip that is needed while handling a heavy bike. Make sure to buy a boot that is sturdy and gives ankle protection.

5) Pants

ScorpionExo Covert Pro Jeans Reinforced

The last one on our list is pants. Many people wear jeans while riding a bike. However, will it protect you from the crash injuries? Jeans will get torn in just a couple of feet and offer no protection at all. But, some manufacturers have designed jeans with Kevlar panels which will protect from any harm to the skin. You can also buy leather pants to protect yourself from any severe injuries. But are leather pants considered fashionable? A good alternative is textile pants. They protect you and don’t look goofy.

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