Things to know before buying a second hand bike

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You have to do proper research even if you are buying a second hand bike. Checking if the bike is working properly or not is not enough. You have to dig deeper than that. In this article, we will talk about the things you should be concerned about while buying a second hand bike.

Things to know before buying a second hand bike

1) A proper Research

Always do proper research while buying and 2nd hand bikes or scooters. The condition of the bike, how long has it been used, did the bike had any trouble, are some of the things to be searched. Also, whether the bike was a part of any kind of accident. Likewise, check who was the previous owner of the bike and what the bike was used for.

2) The exterior

Thoroughly check out the bike. Whether the bike has starches or not and is the paint still there. You should also look for any dent on the bike. Search if the bike has any irregularities. Also, look for any seat tears on the side and in the middle of the seat. Any disfiguring may hint a crash or accident. See if the bike has any rust on it or not. Review the condition of the tyres.

3) Start the bike

Before starting the bike check if the engine is cold or not. The cold engine indicates it has not been started before. The cold engine will show you any defect on the engine. After that move the handles. Check if it is turning smoothly or not. If the handle isn’t smooth then that hints an accident involving the bike. Similarly, review the lights, indicators and horn. While starting, see how much smoke comes out. Also, check the brakes as well.

4) Paper works

Ask if the blue book is up to date or not. Also, check if the bike has or had any insurance done or not. Be very careful and check every paper works of the bike. Check the VIN of the bike as well. You may be part of a scam.

5) Maintenance records.

Ask for the maintenance records of the bike. Also, ask how frequently the bike had been serviced.

6) Test ride

After you have checked the bike thoroughly and asked for all the necessary questions, take it out for a spin. Ride the bike from high to low speed. Check how it performs in the pitched road and bad road if possible. Carefully hear if the bike makes any noise and the brakes work nicely or not.

If the bike fits in your category, go for it. And do negotiate the price if you think the bike’s price is a bit high compared to its condition.

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