No need to go to the traffic office for a recommendation letter, fill out a form online for a lost license.

online license form

The Traffic Division has ended the necessity to go to the traffic office to get the recommendation letter of the Lost license, vehicle registration book and vehicle license. Now people will be able to make the recommendation by filling up an online form from home.


In order to make the situation more easer during this Covide 19 pandemic, the Traffic Division has started such arrangement from today with the support of the Police Headquarters. The services provided by the Traffic Division is more technology-friendly, service receivers will feel more comfortable.

Chief of the Division, SSP Bhim Dhakal, said that the situation where people have to go to the Traffic Police Office by taking several days for the lost license and bill book permit has been ended. He also added that around 200 people apply for the lost license recommendation in the department daily. 

With the start of this system, the days of going to the traffic office and submitting the application and taking the recommendation report have come to an end and people can take the recommendation report easily from the comforts of their home.

How to fill the form online for lost license ?

First of all, go to the website of form. After opening the traffic police website and click on Lost Document Application on the right side of the page or simply click here

Online form for lost license

Then, a new tap will open in which you have to fill up dome details. Select the type of document that you have lost as required for a recommendation. After that, fill up the name, phone number, address. Then upload a scanned document of your Citizenship/License/Passport to show your identity and in PNG/JPG format. Keep in mind that the maximum size is 1 MB. Check all the details 2-3 times and then submit the application.

Fill the form online for missing license

After that, you will receive an application number. You will get the recommendation report 24 hours after filling the form online. To check if your recommendation letter has arrived or not click on the check application.

Check application for online form of lost license

Type in the application number, full name and documents number (The document which you have uploaded) and click on check. After receiving the recondition report you have to print it out and go to the transportation office and make his license or vehicle document. Click here to know about the required document you need before going to the transportation management office.

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