Petroleum Products Price in Nepal

Petroleum Products Price in Nepal

First, let’s talk about what is petroleum products and how they are made. Petroleum goods are made from crude oil (petroleum) and then refined into oils. The oils include petrol or gasoline, jet fuel, diesel fuel, heating oil, kerosene and so on. These oils are then used as transportation fuels,  oils for heating and electricity creation etc.

Furthermore, the commonly known Petroleum products are petrol, diesel and kerosene in Nepal. We have been hearing the increase and decrease in the price of these fuels for years. Moreover, The is a price list of all the petroleum good in Nepal.

Refined Petroleum Products

Price of Petroleum Products in Nepal

Price per litreNPS
Gasoline / petrol prices107.00
Diesel prices90.00
Kerosene prices90.00

The price is according to 2020.09.16

We all know the pandemic has changed a lot of things. It has also changed the price of many necessary goods. Likewise, the table above shows the price of petroleum goods after the 1st lockdown. And the table below shows the price of petroleum good during the 1st lockdown. The Nepal Oil Corporation had cut the cost of diesel, petrol and kerosene by Rs 10 per litre when lockdown started.

Price of Petroleum goods during the lock down

Price per litreNPS
Gasoline / petrol prices96.00
Diesel prices85.00
Kerosene prices85 .00

The price is according to 2020.04.01

The price of the oils started increasing slowly increasing when the 1st lockdown ended and now the price is at Rs 107 for petrol, Rs 90 for diesel and Rs 90 for kerosene as well. Likewise, Aviation Fuel Duty-Free is Rs 868 per litre. The price of aviation turbine fuel (domestic flights) is Rs 65 rightnow.

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