How to get back the bluebook after being fined by the traffic police?

How to get back the bluebook after being fined by the traffic police?

If traffic rules are broken, the traffic police will grasp the blue book or license and cut the cheat for 24 hours. Likewise, the number of the vehicle, the name of the owner of the vehicle or the driver along with the crime will be shown on the cheat. People panic in these situations but be calm and reasonable with the situation as well as the traffic police. Today we will be talking about how to get back the bluebook or the document that had been taken by the traffic police. Keep in mind that the documents should be taken back as soon as possible after clearing the fine without any neglect. 

Furthermore, here is what happens and what you should do to retrieve the documents that was taken after by the traffic police.

How to get back the bluebook/ documents?

From the Traffic Police Office

The bluebook or license that was taken after being fined is then taken to the Metropolitan Police Complex (Baggikhana) Singha Durbar in case of Kathmandu. If you go to retrieve the bluebook within one or two days of being fined, you can get back the bluebook or license back by paying less fine. 

However, if you don’t go soon, the metropolitan traffic complex sends the bluebook of the bike to the transport management office. It is located in Gurjudhara. Moreover, in the case of cars or other 4 wheelers, bluebook and license are sent to the transport management office of Ekantakuna.

How to get back the bluebook ?
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From the Transportation Management Office

The bluebooks are sent to the traffic management office within three months of getting a fine. To get back the bluebook or license form the Transportation Management Office, follow the steps below:

  • Firstly, take the cheat and go to the officer of the office and request to fix the fine.  The fine should be paid according to the offence which is mentioned on the cheat. The amount can be from Rs. 200 to Rs. 10,000. If the appearance of the 4 wheeler is changed, a fine of Rs 7,100 should be paid. Likewise, for bikes, Rs 8,100 will be imposed. 
  • After that, go to the place of tax payment. Understand how much tax you have to pay for the current financial year of your motorcycle.
  • Then, go to the bank and collect the voucher by paying the amount of tax and fine.
  • Next, hand over the bank voucher to the accounting counter of the office and take the receipt.
  • After doing so, go to the working area elated to the action bluebook. Get the bluebook or license by giving a receipt.
  • Finally, give the bluebook, receipt and insured policy paper to the tax certification officer. This will clarify if the tax/renewal to date has been paid or not.

You will have to pay a little more amount if the document is taken to the Transportation Management Office. You also have to pay the tax for the current fiscal year. So I suggest you retrieve the documents as soon as possible. Similarly, I would also suggest you follow the Traffic rules so you don’t have to face this situation.

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