What to do if you lost the bluebook of your vehicle?

What to do if you lost the bluebook of your vehicle?

Losing things can be stressful especially if that thing has a value or is very important. Likewise, Bluebook is very important for a vehicle owner or a driver and loosing is frustrating. If you have lost the bluebook of your vehicle and don’t know what to do now, continue reading. Cause today we are going to talk about what to do if the bluebook gets lost.

Firstly, do not panic. Have a calm mind so that you can think properly. When was the last time you saw it? Search everywhere possible and if still, you can’t find it, here are the things you need to do.

Article 47 of the State Vehicle and Transport Management Act 2076, “ If the registration certificate is lost or fails for any other reason, an application has to be submitted with the recommendation of the nearest Traffic Police Office. “

Required documents

You should be able to get a copy of the blue book within 15 days of receiving the traffic recommendation letter. To get a copy of the blue book, you have to go to the transport management office with the following documents.

  • Traffic recommendation letter
  • Request to get a copy
  • 1 passport size photo
  • Rs.500 / – gross receipt for copy
  • Third-party insurance policy paper
  • The original file of the vehicle

Things to do if you lost the Bluebook

 you lost the bluebook of your vehicle?

Traffic recommendation

First thing you need is a traffic recommendation letter. If someone finds a bluebook somewhere, it is mostly handed over to the police. Then the bluebook is sent to the traffic office. In the case of Kathmandu, it is sent to the carriage house, Putalisadak. If your bluebook is in the traffic office, after writing the recommendation letter, you will get it back.

If the bluebook is not in the traffic office you have to take the traffic recommendation letter. The letter will act as proof that no fine has been charged for breaking traffic rules. Similarly, you need to take the citizenship certificate and go to the carriage house to fill the application form. After submitting the form, after one or two days, you have to receive the reference letter.

You should be able to get a copy of the blue book within 15 days of receiving the traffic reference letter. Furthermore, you have to go to the transport management office with the following documents so that you can apply to get a copy of the bluebook.

  • Get a recommendation from the traffic police.
  • Apply to get a copy of the blue book
  • Passport photo – 1 pcs
  • Receipt after paying NPR 500 to get a copy of bluebook
  • 3rd Party Insurance policy paper
  • Original Document of vehicle
  • Rs 10 stamp

Or simply go to the traffic police website and click on Lost Document Application on the right side of the page.


The amount of receipt is Rs. 500. In the case of Kathmandu, You have to deposit cash in the revenue counter of Global IME Bank, Thankot branch. Then go to the Transportation Management Office in Gurjudhara. Give the bank voucher in the window and take the receipt.

Similarly, when taking a receipt by giving a voucher, you have to verify whether the number of your motorcycle is correct in the receipt or not.  As the amount deposited in the revenue cannot be refunded, you have to verify it as soon as you get the receipt.

File of Vehicle

Vehicles have important documents which contain customs declaration, customs receipt, gross VAT bill, registration form, name transfer form and so on. The transport management office has been handing over such files to the owners of the vehicle. If you have that file, you should take it with you when you go to get a copy of the bluebook. However, if you haven’t taken that file, you should go to the office file store and ask to search for it.


Third-party insurance is mandatory to renew the bluebook. You have to take the policy papers with you to get a copy of the bluebook.

A copy of the Bluebook

After collecting all the documents as mentioned above, you should go to the assigned area according to the lot number of your vehicle. Then you should hand over all the documents to the staff of that place. Next, they will verify and prepare a new bluebook and send it to the field chief for verification by attaching the file to the registration card and the original record.

Moreover, The head of the field looks at the citizenship certificate, verifies the ownership of the vehicle. Similarly, verifies the documents and the records on the registration card and signs on the new bluebook. Finally, the stamp of the office and verification is imprinted.

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