Best Motorcycle USB Chargers in Nepal

Best Motorcycle USB Chargers in Nepal

Motorcycle USB chargers are becoming popular day by day.  Many people who own a motorbike use USB charger to charge their smartphones through a bike. A motorcycle USB charger charges your smartphone through your motorcycle. Wonder how? All you need to do is connect the USB charger to your smartphone and supply the power from the battery of your motorcycle.  Easy, isn’t it? A motorcycle USB charger charges almost all of the smartphones available in the market. Whether you have an iPhone or an android phone, a motorcycle USB charger can charge it all. You can also charge your GPS devices through a motorcycle USB charger. Moreover, almost all the USB charger comes with a phone holder. So, you can attach your phone on the holder and charge it at the same time with the help of this device. Extra reason for you to buy the device. Wonder what are the best motorcycle USB Chargers available in Nepal?

Here are the best motorcycle USB Chargers that are available in Nepal.

Best motorcycle USB chargers in Nepal.

Unfortunately at present, you do not get a branded motorcycle USB charger in Nepal. However, you can buy a Universal USB charger through various online platform such as Daraz,, and many more.

If you wish to get a branded Motorcycle USB Chargers, here are some of the best USB chargers that are available in Amazon India.

  • Accucharger IIP-BCC-104 Bike Mobile Charger with Clamp
  • Allxpert AL-12 X-Grip Bike Mobile Charger and Phone Holder
  • AutoStark Motorcycle Phone Mount with USB Charger
  • Blackcat Bike Mobile Charger/Holder
  • Chevik X-Grip Mobile Charger and Holder

These are some of the best and branded Motorcycle USB Chargers that are available to buy. Moreover, all these Motorcycle USB Chargers can hold and charge smartphones that are 3.5 to 7 inches in size. Anyone can easily install and operate these devices. With the attached mobile phone holder, one can easily adjust their phone for ideal viewing by rotating up to 360 degrees. However, the price of these devices are not available in Nepal and they range according to their brand and built quality.