How to keep your Car Battery Durable?

Keep Car Battery Durable

Car is an essential part of people’s live. It has been a daily driver for millions of people across the globe. Like car  being an essential part of people’s live, car’s battery is also an essential part of a car.  Battery provides you the punch to start your car along with charging your phone and running the essential in-house electrics. Therefore, it is important to take care of your car battery and keep the battery durable.

In average, a car battery can last up to 3 to 4 years. But it does not mean you can get an average lifetime of a battery without taking care of it. There are various factors that  can hamper the battery life of your car. Consider climate for an example. According to some studies, high heat in the summer can cause to some chemical activities in the battery that leads to drain on the battery of your car, which can eventually lead to battery being dead.

Regardless what weather you drive in  your car, taking proper care of the battery helps to extend the battery life. Here are some of the techniques which helps you keep your car battery durable.

Keep Your Car Battery Durable

  • Try to limit short rides: Short rides translates to quick trips and quick trips does not allow your battery to charge fully. Remember, your car battery is charged through the engine during your rides. When a car battery does not charge fully frequently, it loses its ability to charge properly. Therefore, try to limit the short ride and take a long trip very often.
  • Minimize the use of power when the engine is powered off: Always turn off the lights and other accessories when you leave the car. Lights and other accessories can drain a lot of battery and can impact the battery heavily.
  • Clean the battery: Always make sure that the battery in your car is clean and healthy. A dirty battery can lead to short circuit making the battery flat.
  • Use your car frequently: Make sure to drive your car on a regular basis. A car battery will self-discharge if it is not used for an extensive period of time.
  • Check the battery of your car: It is important to know what condition your car battery is on to get maximum life out of it. Do not forget to test your battery and keep track of it.