Types of Car Maintenance you can do yourself

Car Maintenance Tips

Own a car? In need of maintenance? It is known that car maintenance can cost you a lot of money when done by a mechanic. However, you can reduce some serious maintenance cost by carrying out some maintenance activities by yourself. You can save and reduce your automobile expenses by maintaining your car at home. Below are various types of car maintenance that you can do yourself at home.

Replace the Windshield Wipers

It is one of the simplest maintenance activity one can do on their own. Follow the procedures to replace the Windshield Wipers.

  • Press on the small button on the wiper by pulling it away. Now, remove the wiper from the wiper arm.
  • Place the new wiper to the wiper arm and line the wiper. Make sure not to scratch the windshields.
  • Ensure the wiper is tight and secure.

Change Air Filter

It is the simplest maintenance that you can do. You need to

  • Open the hood of  the car and find out where the air filter is located.
  • Remove the air filter by opening the case of the air filter.
  • Place the new air filter exactly the same way old filter was fitted and close the case and the car hood.

Change Spark Plugs

There are different numbers of spark plug depending upon the car. While changing spark plugs seem difficult, locating spark plugs is easy because of the rubber wires attached to them. Here is what you can do replace them.

  • Plug off the wires connected to the spark plugs one at a time.
  • Once you plug the spark plugs, remove the spark plug with the help of spark plug socket and extension on the rachet.
  • Now, install the new spark plug and tighten it.
  • After you tighten the plug, Attach the wires that were plugged off.
  • Repeat the procedure for other spark plugs as well.

Radiator Flush

First, ensure to cool down your car completely before carrying out the task.  Below are the procedures for radiator flush.

  • Find out where the radiator drain plug is located by looking at the car manual.
  • Remove the radiator cap after replacing the drain plug.
  • Then, add “radiator flush cleaning solution”  to your radiator using a funnel and fill in the radiator with water.
  • Place the cap and tighten it.
  • Start your car and turn on the heater and let it on maximum heat.
  • Turn off the car and let it cool after ten minutes.
  • Firstly, drain the flush and water from the radiator at first after the car cools down. Then, fill the radiator with coolant.
  • Replace the radiator cap and drain plug.

Replace a fuse

It is common to blow a fuse while riding a car. To replace the fuse here is what you can do.

  • At first, locate the fuse box. Then, replace the blown fuse with a similar new fuse.

In conclusion, these are some car maintenance activities a person can do on his own. Moreover, maintaining your car at home can save you some money and time.