Documents needed to buy Bikes in EMI in Nepal

You may be wanting to buy a new bike but don’t have the budget right now. You have even searched for second-hand bikes but still have trust issues. there is another option that you can choose, EMI. EMI simply means a monthly instalment that you have to pay for the bike to the bank or the company. Nowadays, many automobile companies, as well as a bank, are giving special attention to vehicle loans and EMI. To help you more, today we will be talking about the needed documents to buy bikes in EMI.

First of all let us talk about the things that will make you eligible to apply for an EMI or vehicle lone.

  • You must be a Nepali citizen and above 21
  • Should have sufficient income source
  • You should at least have a house that is in your name or in your father/ grandfather/ son/ spouse name.
  • The vehicle should be for personal/private/commercial use.

Now let us look at the documents that are needed to buy bikes in EMI In Nepal.

Documents needed to buy Bikes in EMI

Documents needed to buy Bikes in EMI

  • 2 Passport size photos
  • citizenship certificate/passport Photocopy
  • Pictures of the bike to be obtained before the implementation of EMI
  • Driving License of two-wheeler
  • Electricity/ Water bill
  • Land ownership certificate photocopy if needed.
  • MOA and AOA photocopy if needed
  • Proof of stable salary.
  • Tax/PAN/VAT certificate Photocopy

These are the required document that you will be needing to apply for the EMI. However, if you are still any problem then, the bank or the company will calmly help you in solving your confusions.

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There are a lot of benefits to get a bike in EMI. Firstly, it releases you from the burden of collecting a big amount of money. You can easily pay installment monthly which is less stressful. the EMI system is very flexible and you can also pay the EMI with the help of e-wallet apps.Similarly, the process of bike loans takes only a day which means the process is faster.

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