Best Motorcycle Mirrors in Nepal

motorcycle mirrors in Nepal

A mirror is also known as a reflector. A mirror is an object such that each narrow beam of light that indices on its surface are reflected in a single direction. Bikes do have mirrors to be safe from accidents. The mirror may seem like a simple component of the bike but, they make a difference in your riding experience and safety. Are you looking for motorcycle mirrors in Nepal??

Motorcycle mirror can distract the rider:

i)  If they aren’t at the right height for the rider.

ii)  If they are not durable.

iii) If they have low visibility.

iv) If they vibrate too much.

Common types of motorcycle mirrors:

There are three types of motorcycle mirrors.

#. Fairing-Mounted Mirrors

They are mainly used on touring bikes and sports bikes. The mirrors on these bikes are designed to be aerodynamic therefore, they have less wind interference. They also have less vibration.

#. Bar-End Mirrors

The fitment of this mirror depends upon the type of bike and type of mirror. Firstly, they come in different shapes and sizes. Secondly, they are easy to install and most are very adjustable. Bar-End Mirrors offer great visibility. They also make the bike wider, which can be a disadvantage in tight space.

#. Bar-Mounted Mirrors

They are generally easy to install, come in different shapes, sizes, and materials. They are more aerodynamic than Bar-End Mirrors. In conclusion, they have high wind resistance.

List of Motorcycle Mirrors

Here is some list of the best Motorcycle Mirrors in Nepal:

MZS Motorcycle Mirrors

They are versatile and can fit on most of the motorcycle types. Each mirror has a convex design for better visibility and each mirror measures 157.75mm by 80.06mm.

Mictuning Universal Motorcycle Mirrors

They fit on most types of bikes, including dirt bikes, scooters, street bikes. It can be adjusted up, down, or sideways to get the best view.

Kemimoto Bar End Mirrors

They have minimum vibration. They are shockproof, ideal for all weather conditions, corrosion-resistant, and fit on most bike brands. The mirrors are easy to adjust sideways, up or down using a 360-degree connecting joint.

Katur Handlebar End Mirrors

They are a bit small for some riders but look stylish. They have a convex shape in order to enhance visibility. The anti-glare finish makes it difficult to see in bright sunlight and almost impossible at night therefore, they vibrate a lot.

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