Driving Training Centre in Kathmandu

Driving institutes in Kathmandu

Learning how to drive is an important and responsible thing. If a person who drives recklessly, it means they don’t know how to drive a car or a bike properly. Likewise, you can learn how to drive a car or ride a bike with the help of your family and friends. It isn’t necessary to take training in a driving institute. However, if you learn from a driving training centre, you will get other benefits as well. For instance, the training centre provides you with a skilled and trained guide. You will also have a training field relevant to the road.

Learning how to ride a a bike

The driving centre will also help in the license trial. They will teach you exactly what you have to do in a trial exam. Choosing the best driving institute is a must. Here is a list of driving centres in Kathmandu that you can choose from for your training.

List of Driving Training Centre in Kathmandu

Driving InstitutesAddressContact number
Bagmati Driving CentreGalkopakha, Thamel, Kathmandu014022567
Binayak Motor Driving InstituteChabahil, Kathmandu9841314595
Budhathoki Driving SchoolMiteri Marg, Mid-Baneshwor, Kathmandu9841234552
Bishal Driving Training CentreMaharajgunj, Kathmandu00977-1-4375378
Chandra Surya Motor Driving CenterPulchowk, Kathmandu977-1-5536202
D. B. Motor Driving Training CentreChandol, Kathmandu014681012
Dachhinkali Motor Driving Training CenterPutalisadak, Kathmandu977-1-4225763
Dev Driving InstitutePuspalal Path, Kathmandu9841626983
Fast Driving InstituteChakrapath, Nagarjun, Kathmandu014033204
Himalayan Motor Driving SchoolKoteshwor, Kathmandu977-1-4476897
Jayashree Kalbhairab Motor-Car Trainign Centre And Courier SewaRamshahpath, Kathmandu9841190213
Kanchanjungha Motor Driving InstituteKumaripati, Kathmandu977-1-5538031
Kantipur Driving CentrePutalisadak, Kathmandu977-1-4245716,
Mahankal Driving InstituteGongabu, Kathmandu977-1-4351269
Manandhar Driving Center Pvt. Ltd.Kalimati, Kathmandu977-1-4277416,
New Kathmandu Driving instituteDhalku Chowk, Pushpalal Marg, Kathmandu9849528555
Nawa Durga Motor Driving Training SchoolKoteshwor, Kathmandu977-1-4492666
New Om Driving InstituteSitapaila Sadak, Kathmandu9803014409
Nepal Mahila Driving Training CenterOld Baneshwor, Kathmandu977-1-4474160
Om Driving InstituteTahachal Marg, Kathmandu98510899
Professional Driving InstitutePulchowk, Kathmandu977-1-5547334
Perfect Driving Institute P LtdRing Road, Tokha Road, Kathmandu014355168
Radha Krishna Motor Driving Institute P. Ltd.Kalanki, Kathmandu977-1-4276508
R.M. Moter Driving CenterRudramati Marg, Kathmandu9841325451
Sai Baba Driving CentrePutalisadak, Kathmandu977-1-4247046
Shree guarantee driving centerRamshah Path, Kathmandu9841044249
Sanbandha Motor Driving Training InstituteChabahil, Kathmandu977-1-4490299
Valley Top Motor Driving CentreChuchepati, Kathmandu977-1-4484334

The address and contact number are also mentioned on the list. You can also search on google for more information about the given Driving Institutions. Likewise, learning how to driving is an important part of our line. So i hope you make a better choose on where you want to learn the skills to ride a bike or drive a car.

After learning

After becoming a confident rider or driver, you should apply for a license. You must drive with a license. If you drive without a license, it is considered illegal. Click here to know about the online registration form for a license.

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