Things to be considered while learning to drive a Car

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Proper education is a must for everything. Whether is in school or learning how to drive, proper knowledge has to be gained. In today’s day age you have to have a personal vehicle. A car, bike or a scooter. Owning a personal vehicle is needed. Similarly, without good driving skills and a license, you can’t ride a car. It is very dangerous and can cause many consequences. In many countries, people learn how to drive at the age of 16. However, in Nepal and many other Asian countries, we start with the bike. In this article, we will be talking about things you need to know while learning to drive a car.

learning how to drive a car

Know about the car

Before learning how to drive a car, you should know about the car. You should have a knowledge of which part of the car does what. It is important to know the necessity of each part of the car. This will help in learning to drive a car quickly.


Adjust the seats to your comfort before starting the car.  If you are not comfortable then you won’t be able to focus on your driving. Wear a seat belt in a way that is safe and isn’t choking you. Likewise, all the fix mirrors according to your ease. You should be able to see through the mirrors properly.

Don’t be nervous

Nervousness will distract you from the road which leads to a crash. Just remember you are still learning and you will make some mistakes while learning. Listen very carefully to the person in the passenger seat who is giving you guidelines. You should have a calm and focused mind while learning how to drive.

Eyes on the road

Never take your eyes off the road. The soul focus while driving should be on the road. Always look at the mirror to see the road behind you. Focus on how is driving in front and back of you. It will help you in keeping a proper distance between you and other vehicles. And never talk to people on the phone while driving

 Steering wheel

You should always have good control over the steering wheel. There is any correct way to hold a steering wheel. However, many research shows that the “9 o’clock and 3 o’clock” position is good. In simple words, your hands should be in the exact opposite positions, straight to each other. A good holding of the steering wheel gives you a good grip.

Avoid busy road

When you are learning to drive, never practice on busy roads. It is very risky. Likewise, it is dangerous for you as well as for others. Choose a way that has few to no vehicles driving. You can also practice on an open space. However, you can learn on the road after you are fully confident in your driving skills. Of course, your driving teacher should be there with you.

Traffic rules

While learning how to drive you should also learn the traffic rules. Knowing traffic rules will keep you safe from any accident on the road. It will also be helpful in the written exam for a license.

Turn signals

You should never forget about the turning signals. It is very important to give signals while turning. You should alert the vehicles around you about your turns. This will help in avoiding any catastrophe.

Don’t over- speed

You have to know about the speed limit too. Learn about the car first before you learn about speeding. Yes, it seems cool to speed in the movies but, the real world is different than movies. Unless its an emergency, i suggest you to avoid over-speeding even after you have learned how to drive.

After becoming a confident driver you should apply for the license. Learning how to drive is important but getting a legal permission to drive a car is more essential.

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