Required documents for online driving license in Nepal


We have already talked about how to fill up an online license form. And now we will talk about the required documents needed for online driving license.

When you are filling up a form online for a license, it is much quicker and easier. People before online service used to wait in line for hrs to get the form. Fulling and submitting it took another few hrs.

Citizenship required document

While filling up the detail box from the form you have to give the exact information that is in your citizenship card. if you have a passport, you have to fill the passport numbers as well.

After you have submitted the form online, you have to print a PDF of that form. The date to present the form to the office is written on the PDF. Likewise, you have to visit the office and stand in the line. The online form submitting line may be shorter.

Before going to the office you have to take these required documents with you.

  • Original and photocopy of citizenship card.
  • Blood group card or hospital card
  • Printed online form
  • Postage stamp of Rs 10.
Rs 10  postage stamp

You can buy the stamp outside the office too. You must also pay Rs 500 fee. So, do take some money with you. On that day, you will have to give your digital fingerprint. They will also take your photo with a webcam.

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