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Yamaha Nepal Offer

Yamaha is one of the largest and popular manufacturers in the automobile industry. The company manufactures a diverse range of bikes and scooters. Yamaha has its product in all most all of the countries in the entire globe. The leading automobile company, Yamaha, offers a various selection of bikes and scooters in the Nepali market. Yamaha Nepal sales are among the top in bike and scooter sales. MAW enterprises are the official distributor of Yamaha products in Nepal. Moreover, Yamaha Nepal provides new offers and deals while purchasing a bike.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has created huge financial burden among people of Nepal. People were and are still struggling to maintain their livelihood. Surprisingly, the situation in Nepal is easing these days. In addition, people are starting to conduct business and services again. Keeping this situation in check and analyzing the financial aspects, Yamaha Nepal has introduced a new scheme/offer. The offer benefits new customers while purchasing a bike. Lets look into the new offer from Yamaha Nepal.

Offer From Yamaha Nepal

Yamaha has introduced “0% finance or Cash Discount” offer with a motive of maintaining social distance and safe riding. The company states this offer “is to make it easier for people to keep their health and social distancing on top priority along with fighting back from the financial load”. The offer of “0% finance or cash discount” assures that the customers will find less financial burden while purchasing a new bike.

Offer From Yamaha Nepal
Offer From Yamaha Nepal

The offer by Yamaha Nepal provides three different options while purchasing a new motorcycle. Firstly, customers have the option of a 0% down payment. In this offer, customers do not need to pay anything upfront. But they have to pay the total amount of the motorcycle within 2 years. Secondly, customers can buy a new bike with a 0% interest rate. However, the total amount needs to be paid within a year. Last but not least, there is a discount of Rs 10,000. Customers get a discount of Rs. 10,000 while paying full amount during the purchase of a new bike or scooter.

In conclusion, the offer from Yamaha will help the customers willing to purchase a new bike during this difficult situation. If you wish to know more about the details of this offer, visit here.

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