Honda Nepal. Offers You Will Get While Buying New Bikes.

Honda Nepal Offer

Honda is a known name in the automobile industry. Honda specializes in Cars, Motorcycles, and Scooters. In Nepal, motorcycles manufactured by Honda are more popular among people. We can see thousands of Honda motorcycles on the roads of Nepal. In addition, Honda produces a various range of motorcycles considering the geography of Nepal. So why are Honda motorcycles so popular in Nepal? Yes, Honda produces stylish bikes with an all-round performance. But there are other things to consider as well. For instance, Honda Nepal provides different types of offers and schemes while purchasing a new bike/motorcycle. Let’s have a look into different schemes and offers that Honda provides while purchasing a new bike.

Offers and schemes from Honda Nepal

Currently there is a ‘Ek rupaiya scheme’ going on from Honda Nepal. Customers can get hold of this scheme through out the country from all the official dealers of Honda. This scheme is brought into action in regards to COVID-19 pandemic. Customers can still own a vehicle and benefit with the help of this scheme. Moreover, there are 4 different offers plan within this scheme.

Offer Plan 1: schemes from Honda Nepal

Firstly, customers can get hold of a new bike by paying only 1 rupee as down payment. In addition they have to repay the loan within a period of 3 years. Moreover, the company will only charge 13% interest rate.

offer 1

Offer Plan 2 : Schemes from Honda Nepal

Secondly, customers can get a new Honda bike with 1 rupee installment up to the first three, six, or twelve months depending on the installment plan. However, customers have to make a down payment of 40%,50%, and 60% sequentially.

offer 2

Offer Plan 3 : Schemes from Honda Nepal

Thirdly, customers can get a new bike with only a 1% interest rate. But the loan period will be only for 1 year and 60% down payment has to be made during the purchase. However, the cost of insurance and name transfer should be made in advance.

offer 3

Offer Plan 4 : Schemes from Honda Nepal

And last, customers get an installment plan up to 3 years with a 20% down payment upfront. The plan will only charge a 13% interest rate. But this offer plan is limited to few bikes and scooters that include Honda CB Hornet 160R, CB Unicorn 160, CB Unicorn 150, CB Shine among others.

In conclusion, these are the various offer Honda Nepal is providing to the customers during this difficult time of COVID-19. In addition, Honda Nepal also provides various offers such as New Year Offer, Festive Offer: Wheel of Fortune and many more.

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