Ducati bikes price in Nepal 2024 update

Ducati Bikes Price in Nepal

Ducati is a very popular high-end brand of bikes in Nepal. Thee price of Ducati bikes is equal to the price of cars. Ducati was a well-known bike brand in Nepal however, the brand got even more famous after Anmol K.C, a Nepali actor purchased a bike of the brand. The brand name was in the headlines everywhere. Today we will be talking about Ducati bikes price in Nepal.

As these bikes are very expensive compared to the regular bike price, the person who wants to buy a Ducati bike has to call the dealer and then order it from outside. The dealers may or may not have the model in their showroom but if the buyer really wants to buy the bike, the dealer will order it. The executive dealer of Ducati bikes in Nepal is Turbo Motors Trading. Let us look at the Ducati bikes price in Nepal.

Ducati bikes price in Nepal

Ducati Bikes Price in Nepal

Scrambler Classic23,00,000
Scramble Icon27,90,000
Scramble Full Throttle32,90,000
Scramble Flat Track Pro25,00,000
Scramble Dessert Sled37,90,000
Scramble Cafe Racer25,00,000
Scramble Urban Enduro21,50,000
Monster 1200S51,90,000
Monster 69619,50,000
Monster 79621,50,000
Monster 82124,00,000
Monster 1100 EVO25,00,00
Monster 821 Stripe26,00,00
Monster 1200S Stripe30,50,000
Multistrada 95029,50,000
Multistrada 120037,00,000
Multistrada 1200 Touring39,00,000
Multistrada 1200s Grand Turismo43,00,000
Multistrada 1200s44,00,000
Multistrada 1200s Pikes Peaks45,00,00
Multistrada 1200s touring45,00,00
Diavel Carbon Red42,00,000
Diavel Carbon White42,50,000
Diavel Titanium58,50,000
Panigale 95923,00,000
Panigale 129942,50,000
Panigale 1299s54,00,000
Panigale 1299r68,00,000
Panigale V447,00,000
Panigale V4 S57,00,000
Panigale V4 Speciale82,50,000
Ducati bikes in Nepal.

The pricing may be different so I would suggest you contact the Exclusive dealers and ask them about the pricing and details. Following are the details of the showroom.

Contact Number
Turbo Motors TradingNaranchaur, Naxal, Kathmandu+977-98-0108-8342

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