Aprilia SX 125 Price in Nepal with Specifications

aprillia sx 125 price in nepal


The Aprilia got a new height after the launch of high performance oriented scooter SR 150. It was not just like the Italian brand vespa motor. Aprilia is full prepared after the launch of the scooter to move for the next greatest design. The company took a long break to design the extra models of the bikes for the attention of the market.

Aprilia SX 125 Distributor and price

In Nepal, there are numerous distributors of Aprilia but the D-Liestyle is know as the authentic and authorized distributor for Aprilia. The D-Liestyle have announced two motorbikes at once they are SX 125 and RX 125. Both bikes price is same. In Nepal we can get Aprilia SX 125 and RX 125 on NRS. 7,99,900. Aprilia SX 125 and RX 125 comes with 125 cc engine. Now, after hearing the price many of you think that what a expensive price but Automobile Hives, says you that this is a cheap rate if we look further to it’s specification and features. So Let’s Get Started…

Aprilia SX 125 Overview

The demand of the riders are increasing with the very high rate So, Aprilia has tried to address the demand of the sporty riders. The SX 125 is mainly aimed for the young riders. Aprilia SX 125 hosted a single cylinder 125cc four stroke engine. The bike is complied with euro 4 standard. The font disk of SX 125 is measured in 300mm and rear disk is measured in 220 mm which is assisted by the double-piton floating caliper. Moreover the two cradle steeel has the telescopic suspension. In order to drip the conditions the SX 125 has adopted the 17-inch spoked wheels. The Aprilia SX 125 is manufactured with the off-roadd riding and on-road riding.

Features of safety

Aprilia is currently mainly focused with the safety of it’s riders. More than that the bike is highlighting the safety features to justify it’s price. This bike has become the first bike in it’s class to introduce the feature of Dual channel ABS (Antilock Brake System) and Anti-Roll-over (Traction Control and Yaw Control). The main objective to implement the ABS is to prevents the unconditional wheel lock under the panic situation. The magic like feature of the bike is the Anti-roll-over mod, You just say it is a magic. When you are on a ride, the angle of the first wheel informs your bike that where a rider want to go and the bike starts to acts as the self control. The 40% of the contol will be on your bike and the remaning 60% will yours. Isn’t it a magic? The main advantage of this feature is there is less chance to skid when you are on a slippery ride. Sincearly, You gonna love this feature.

Specifications of Aprilia SX 125

  • Mileage: 35kmpl
  • Max Power: 15BHP
  • Max Torque: 3 lb/ft @ 4000 RPM
  • Top Speed: 115km/h
  • Transmission: 6-speed
  • Fuel tank capacity: 5 liters
  • Weight (Dry): 135 kg

These specifications is enough to grab the attention of the market. Whatever mentioned in the safety feature of the bike, It will be not enough to escape from the sudden accident. The price of the Bikes is seems very high it is because of the tax. Aprilia imported brand from Italy.

Price of Aprilia SX 125 in Nepal

NRS. 7,99,990/- only


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