Tesla Model X Full Features and Price[2023 Updated]

Tesla Model X


Tesla Motor is a well-known and popular electric future centric car manufacturing company. Elon Musk owned company holds very talented and far-sighted mindset having engineer. Tesla motor is fully focused to eradicate the fuel engine vehicles from world. The main headquarter of Tesla Motors is situated on Palo Alto California, USA.

Tesla Model X:

Tesla Motor have recently launched Model X car which is know as the safe car on road. The car is made up with full electric fundamentals. Tesla Model X is now supplying all around the world. Due to the availability, the buyers all around the world, first choice for electric car is Tesla cars. The Tesla Model X battery is designed on the floor level so, the floor gives extreme low centric Gravity which reduce the risk of rollover but it is most common in almost all SUV’s.

The Tesla Model X has long-range battery capacity. The Tesla Model X is the biggest car of Tesla Motors. The handling of the car is so fast which surprise the buyers. In the electrical field, Model X is a performance and designed based car which provide all wheel drive and performance-car acceleration. The car has also addressed the family by make a sectional seat on the optional third row. Like the other car of Tesla, Model X car is also designed under very high technology and driver-assistance features. The cabin is equipped more comfortable. The signature features of the car pretends knocks against the squeezed children.

Interior & Comfort:

In order to minimize the interrupted near view of front seat passenger Tesla Model X has introduced the unique glass roof which is hood up over the base of front seat. The interior of the car is pretty awesome with non-descriptive air vents, flat and comfortable back seat minimize the problem of adjustment, and misaligned panels. The 17″ cinematic display have 2200 into 1300 resolution have tilt option with exceptional responsiveness. For the best audio Model X has 22 speakers of 960-watt audio system with active noise canceling featuring. The Tris-zonal temperature controls ventilated front seats, the airy cabin condition and HEPA filtration helps to maintain the perfect temperature on car.

Engine,Transmission & Performance:

Long-Range and Plaid both varients platform is unitely designed with great powertrain and effective battery technology in order to deliver unrivaled performance, efficiency and range. The pack thermal architecture allows fast charging and long lasting battery performance. Long range Tesla Model X consist two axle at front and back which helps to enable all wheel drive capability. Tesla Model X is powered by 670 horsepower where Tesla has claimed that it have the capacity of 0 to 60 mph speed.

Safety Features:

One of the most concentrating features of the every vehicles is its features of safety. Like we’ve recently mentioned that The Tesla Model X is the safe cars on roads the reasons are mentioned below in points:

  • Semi-autonomous driving mode.
  • RADAR, Camera, Sensors, to detect objects people and other obstacles on the upcoming way.
  • Silly top-hinged doors.
  • Summon feature that allows the user to park or retrieve the SUV from tight spots.
  • High-strength architecture and floor-mounted battery pack for incredible occupant protection and low rollover risk.
  • Standard automated emergency braking.
  • Standard lane-departure warning.
  • Available adaptive cruise control.

Tesla Model X Cost:

The cost of Tesla Model X in Nepal is around Rs. 13,069,299 – 14,717,299 making it one of the expensive electric vehicle.

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