Why should girls have scooter in Nepal?

Girls should have scooter

Hero pleasure has a tagline “why should boys have all the fun?” Which is true, why shouldn’t girls have as much fun as boys have? The tagline clearly tells that girls should get the freedom that is given to only boys. The boys have their bike to ride around so, the girls should have scooter too.

Whether it’s a scooter, bike or a car ,it’s her choice. However, shooters are a perfect ride for all ages of women. It is comfortable, light and easy to ride. Many men have started to buy scooters because of its ease of use.

Here are some of the reasons that justifies why girls should own a scooter.

  • Firstly, Independence. Scooter gives girls a kind of independence. They don’t have to tell their brother or father or a husband to drop them and pick them up from places.
  • Secondly, women have to go to work as well as shop for household. Scooters can be helpful in grocery shopping as there is a storage space.
  • Then, to save time. Girls don’t have to stand on a crowded bus stations and wait for the bus. They can go to the place on time ,if they own a scooter.
  • The society is changing but, its still scary in some places for women to wait for transportation at evening time. So scooter is an easy escape for them.
  • Lastly, the girls should have scooter for the same reason a guy should have a bike. Girls can drive as good as guys and have the same rights. So, if they want they can own a scooter.

Above all, I think scooter are a great personal vehicle, whether you are a girl or a boy. If you have a legal licence to drive and are a responsible driver then you can own a scooter.

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