Why is it important to buy a motorcycle in Nepal?

different motorcycle in Nepal

Its been almost a century the we humans have started using motorcycle. We have seen it change through the years. But the way we use it is still the same. Moreover, motorcycle in Nepal is a timeless way of personal transportation.

In today’s age, having a personal vehicle is a must. Specially in Nepal where the public vehicles are mostly crowded every day. Likewise, motorcycle in Nepal is a must.

Here are some of the reasons of why motorcycles are important in Nepal.

  • Firstly, its fun. Bikes are fun to ride. Similarly, it give a joey to ride bikes in an empty road or challenging roads.
  • Secondly, traffic. The traffic in Kathmandu can sometime be frustrating. Because of the size of bike, it is easy to ride through small spaces.
  • Likewise, parking. Many places don’t have enough space for 4 wheeler. in such cases motorbikes are very useful. they don’t take much space and can fit on small spaces.
  • Then, adventurous trips. There are many bikes that are made for trips. Because of their powerful engine, they can handle the rocky roads and narrow ways.
  • Moreover, many vacancies have is a clear notice that the candidates should have a two wheeler of their own.

Above all, motorbikes have become a necessity for us. We prefer calling Tootle or Pathao to go somewhere rather than taking a public transport. Bikes are faster than four wheelers and more affordable.

Motorcycles do have some disadvantages like, no storage space, not that easy to learn, and so on. But with the population increasing and public transportation being crowded, its better to have a motorcycle to go to places.

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