Yatri Electric Bike Price in Nepal 2024 December Update: Unveiling the price breakdown

Yatri Bike Price in Nepal

The Yatri Electric Bike (also known as P1), is a stylish and eco-friendly electric motorcycle recently produced in Nepal by IOE student of Automobile. It combines sleek design with powerful performance, making it an exciting and sustainable option for riders. The E-Bike (P1) provides a range of 70-80KM on a single charge along with regenerative braking technology. The Yatri bike price in Nepal is claimed to be Nrs 2.5 lakh, if there is mass production of this bike. Let’s hope this will be implemented soon.

Yatri Bike Price in Nepal
Yatri E-Bike

The journey of Yatri Motorcycle starts in 2017 by founder Ashim Pandey and his business partner Batshal Pandey but they don’t plan about the yatri bike price in Nepal. Ashim says that the first project was project-0 which never focused towards profit but towards dream and innovation. later, company launched another project named as project-1 which now can see riding in the road.

More importantly,

Why the price of Yatri Bike in Nepal is so high?

The yatri bike price in Nepal is high due to it’s batteries. P-0 and P-1 bikes are the same dimensional E-Bikes fit this means both bikes can repair without any hassle and the part can be easily sorted out. It is made with proper technology which means it is durable and compatible in Nepali road.

Also, once this bikes is fully charged it can cover 110KM-230KM using an AC charger it can get fully charged in about 2hour and by DC charger made by the company itself it can charged in just 30minutes. In addition, an electric bike doesn’t require same level of maintenance as a regular bike.

Discover more about yatri bike price in Nepal Yatri Bike and it’s projects

Now let’s, explore the top E-Bikes and Yatri bike price in Nepal that are revolutionizing commuting and adventure, providing an efficient and exhilarating riding experience.

Yatri Project Zero(P-0) Bike

Yatri project zero is a premium electric motor bike that is designed and completely build in Nepal using part source from other country. Once Yatri P-0 is fully charged it can covered up to 230KM. It can get fully charged in 2 hours by using AC charger but by using DC charger made by company itself it can get fully charged in an 30 minutes. The yatri bike price in Nepal is listed below in the table.

Yatri Bike Price in Nepal
Yatri project-0

Features of Yatri E-Bike(P-0)

  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Warner Borg E-braking
  • Road side assistance
  • Modern cafe racer styling
  • Antitheft with onboard GPS
  • 2 hours charging time
  • LED lighting setup
  • Peak power of 64 HP
  • Full HD 7 inch display with Navigation
  • Lithium battery with power of 8.0 KWH
  • Made with 100% carbon fiber body making it light weight

Yatri Bike project (P-0) price Rs. 19,49,000

Specification of Yatri P-0

Charging time2 hrs
Top rear speed140 kmph
Battery capacity8.0 kwh
Peak power 46 kw
Max torque 120 Nm at shaft
Range230 km
Weight 190 kg
Seat height800 mm
Front tyre110/70-17-DISC
Rear tyre150/60-17
Tubeless tyreYes
Ground clearance175 mm


The team has announced to development of another platform project (p-1) which is a lot of fun when you push in a road/highway. It is a dual-sport motor bike built for daily commuting. P-1 is a completely new platform to keep expenses low and accessible. This new platform is powered by a high performance electric motor with reduced operating expenses. The yatri bike price in Nepal for project p-1 starts to Rs 5,65,000.

Yatri Bike Price in Nepal
yatri p-1

Features of Yatri E-Bike P-1

  • Light weight
  • Dual Disc braking
  • Dual-purpose tubeless tyres
  • 5 year battery warranty
  • Fast Dc charging
  • All LED lighting setup
  • 3.0KWh lithium manganese oxide battery
  • Dual-sport EV with minimalistic styling
  • Front and rear disc brakers
  • Impressive 320mm ground clearance
  • 3.0KWh powerful lithium battery
  • Road side assistance
  • Color 4.3 inch TFT LCD Dashboard
  • Ground clearance 320mm
  • Carbon-Fiber body for durability and improved performance
  • LED Headlamp with LED Tail Lamp
  • Sleek sequential LED indicators
  • Upright riding posture
  • Internet on-Board (Bluetooth and 4G network)
  • Adjustable rear Mon shock
  • Antitheft with onboard GPS

According, to the yatri bike price in Nepal the features are given.

Yatri Bike project (P-1) price Rs. 5,65,000-6,13,400

specification of Yatri P-1

Motor 14 kw
Battery3.0 kwh
Peak power19 hp
Tyres Dual purpose (Tubeless)
SuspensionUSD forks and mono shock
Battery typeLithium manganese Oxide
Braking typeStandard
Top speed100Kmph
Peak Torque 19 hp
Range110 Kmph
Front tyres110/70 Disc
Rear tyres120/80-17 Disc
Charging time2 hrs
Weight 110 kg
Tubeless tyreYes
Seat height820 mm
Ground clearance320 mm
Yatri Bike Price in Nepal

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Yatri Bike Price in Nepal

Yatri Bike ModelYatri Bike Price in Nepal
Yatri P-0Rs. 19,49,000
Yatri P-1Rs. 5,65,000-6,13,400

If you want to buy yatri bikes p-0 or p-1 and know yatri bike price in Nepal and it’s information, contact via facebook also you can visit physically at Yatri Motorcycles Experience Center located at Baluwatar (Thirbam sadak), Kathmandu 44600.

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Yatri Bikes FAQs

Who invented yatri bike?

Ashim Pandey-Founder
Batshal Pandey-Business Partner

What is the price of yatri bike?

P-0 price is Nrs 19,49,000
P-1 price is Nrs 5,65,000-6,13,400

What is the objectives of yatri?

Reinvent urban mobility

Why is yatri so expensive although it is Nepal’s’ made?

quality durable batteries also the import tax rate of bike’s parts

What is the top speed of yatri motorcycle?

Top Speed – 100 kph
Peak Power – 14 kW (19 hp)
Range – 110 km
Wheel Torque – 480 Nm

What is the battery capacity of yatri bike?

Battery Capacity – 3.0 kWh
Home Charge -2 hours (100% SoC)
FAST CHARGE – 40 mins (80% SoC)

What is the ground clearance of yatri p1?


Who is the SEO of yatri motorcycle?

Ashim Pandey

Is yatri bike made in Nepal?

Yes, yatri bike is made in Nepal