Pioneer Worldwide offers zero down payment for electric scooters and motorcycles

Pioneer Worldwide, an electric scooter and motorcycle seller, has announced a new scheme that allows customers to buy Herwin brand motorcycles and scooters without any down payment. This means that interested buyers can now purchase Harwin Scooter EK1, SK3, and CR6 motorcycles without any initial payment.

According to the company, these three models are eligible for the zero percent down payment scheme. The prices of these electric vehicles are as follows: EK1 costs Rs 3 lakh 75 thousand, SK3 costs Rs 4 lakh 75 thousand, and CR6 costs Rs 6 lakh 50 thousand.

To avail of this finance scheme, customers are required to have a credit card. Pioneer Worldwide has made it easier for individuals to own electric scooters and motorcycles without the burden of making any initial payment.

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