Things to do when you don’t use your bike regularly.

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If you dont you your bike in a daily basis

When a bike or any vehicle is not being used for a few weeks or months, it starts to damage internally, although the outer look may seem okay. Moreover, the bike can face some problems if you don’t use your bike or maintain your bike.

The engine will clog up, petrol will go bad and the tires may deflate. However, there may be other parts of the motorbike that needs attention. Here are some things you should do to maintain your bike if you haven’t used it regularly.

Things to do

  • Firstly, always park your motorcycle in a dark place. Never park your motorcycle in a spot where the sun hits directly. Moreover, the sunlight fades away the color. Likewise, UV rays are bad for the tires too.
  • Secondly, cover the motorcycle. Even if you cover it some dust might buildup on the bike. But not covering it could do more damage. The dust will go inside and clog different parts of the motorbike. Clean your bike as much as you can.
  • Thirdly, the battery will go down. If you don’t use a motorbike for a long time then the battery will go down. However, if you do a run of a few km it should charge itself. But if it doesn’t then you have to charge the battery.
  • And finally, the engine. Kick start your motorcycle once in a while. If you don’t do so, the engine will get jammed up. Moreover, you should start your motorbike at neutral to heat the engine.

Above all, maintain your bike properly. As we all are in a lockdown inside the house due to the COVID-19 situation. Bikes aren’t getting a lot of attention. Similarly, we haven’t been able to use then. Above all, maintain the bike properly in these situations. Even if we cannot ride it, we can look after it. Kick start the motorcycle for a few minutes.

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