Driving license application will not be opened immediately

online license form

The Department of Transport Management will not be opening the application for driving license immediately. Since April 29, the online application system for driver’s license has been closed.

DoTM has not made any preparations to start the license application. Department spokesperson Loknath Bhushal said they were waiting for the government’s decision.

“We are awaiting the official decision of the CCMC. We will open new license applications and allow the operation of the trial center as soon as the school and college open, ”he said in a conversation with Techpana.

Earlier,due to lockdown of last year, the department had stopped the application and examination of driver’s license for about 10 months.

Due to this, the pressure of the service recipients has largely increased in the online application system that was opened. Due to this, the online portal of the department was down many times.

Service recipients who have applied for the driving license online got the turn of the exam after 10 months. But again, when the online application system is closed again in April, it seems that the pressure of the service recipients will increase.