DoTM is planning to take license examination from Shrawan 1st, 2078

Driving License Exam

Department of Transport Management (DoTM) is planning for the written and trial examination of the license from Shrawan 1st i.e July 20. The current lockdown is assumed to be end from last of Asar and DoTM is planning fo rht etrial and written examination of driving license.

Due to the prohibitary order i.e nisedhayga, even the peoples who have filled the online form and are preparing for the trial have not get chance for the written and trial exam.

“As soon as the prohibitory order ends, we are preparing to conduct the license examination.”said Namaraj Ghimire, director general of the department with meroauto.

Also, as the department has prepared a new guideline on driver’s license, one who gets 70 marks out of 100 will pass the driving license examonation.

Printing of new smart driving license haven’t started yet

Due to a technical problem in the software of the Department of Transport Management, around 4 lakh licenses are yet to be printed.

Smart License Print Check Online in Nepal | Check if your license is ready or not

‘We are preparing to move forward with the printing of new licenses by resolving the software problem within a week. Card import work is also moving forward. Discussions are underway on whether to print a new license using Warcon instead of chips. If the decision is made to print with Warkon, it will reduce the cost a lot, ‘said Director General Ghimire to Meroato.