Top 10 Moto Vloggers in Nepal

moto vlog

A vlogger is a person who creates video based content also known as video log. The video log maybe of any type like automobile, nature, travel, etc. Nowadays in Nepal many young people are involved in vlogging various content. While there are many vlogging activities in Nepal, in this article we are going to talk about moto vloggers in Nepal like Gorkhali Rider, Mrb Vlogs, Surakshya KC vlogs , etc.

A moto vlog is a type of video log recorded by a person while riding a motorcycle. There are many startup vloggers in Nepal but some of the best motorcycle vloggers are listed below.

moto vloggers in nepal

Ride Nepal

Ride Nepal is a moto vlog channel created in July 19th, 2016. The moto vlogger rides CBR250 and also uses a drone to vlog his contents. Ride Nepal has over 6 Million plus views and 50.2K subscribers. This channel has various vlog playlists of Mustang Ride, Okhaldhunga ride, Thailand trip and Kathmandu to Nepalgunj vlog.

YouTube Channel of Ride Nepal


DoseOfRide moto vlog channel was created on 21st October 2016. The vlogger rides Apache250 and has not revealed his identity yet on his channel. This vlog channel currently is popular with 1 Million plus views and 7K subscribers. This channel makes videos on Bike Review episodes, Ride Reviews, and Daily Riding videos.

YouTube Channel of DoseOfRide

Ride with Sagar

Ride with Sagar moto vlog was created on July 8th, 2011. This channel earns around $150 from Google making it the most earned youtube motovlog channel in Nepal. The vlogger rides Duke 200 for his videos and has currently 115K subscribers with over 11 Million plus views. This channel mainly gives reviews, moto vlogs, and ride videos.

YouTube Channel of Ride with Sagar


NIK TV moto vlog was created on July 6th, 2016. The vlogger rides Yamaha FZS version 2 for his vlogs and the channel mainly includes traveling to different places and moto vlogging along with some drone views of some beautiful places of Nepal. This channel currently has 4 Million plus views and 39.1K subscribers.

YouTube Channel of NIK TV


This moto vlog channel was created on Jan 4th, 2016. This vlogger currently rides KTM RC 390 and sometimes Honda XR 125 for his vlogs and has 169K subscribers with over 18 Million plus views on his youtube channel and is also one of the top-ranked moto vlogs of Nepal. This channel consists of trip moto vlogs, ride videos, and random moto vlog videos.

YouTube Channel of SMZ


This motovlog channel was created on 6 Aug, 2016 which is owned by a Nepali Female vlogger. This channel currently has 157K subscribers and has over 6 Million plus views on her youtube channel. This channel also has some dance videos and also some random motovlog trips videos like trip to Malekhu,ride to rock garden, ride to Nagarkot and many more.


MRB Vlogs

The full name of this youtube vlog is Myagdi Rider Bivid which was created on 4 June,2015. With 183K subscribers and 12 Million plus views, this channel has contents of touring videos of adventure tours and even photography.

YouTube Channel of MRB Vlogs

Gorkhali Rider

With the hobby of traveling, this channel was created by the vlogger to show his love of traveling to different places on his motorbike. This channel is mainly based on traveling moto vlogs and currently has 134K subscribers with over 14 Million views and was created on 18th August 2017. The playlists on this channel consist of the Gosaikunda trip, Manang and Mustang ride, and Rara ride.

YouTube Channel of Gorkhali Rider

See Nepal

See Nepal motovlog channel was created on 5 December,2016 and mainly consists of random motovlogs like travel, road racing, top speed videos etc and the vlogger rides KTM RC 200. This channel has 30.6K subscribers and currently has 3 Million plus views.

YouTube Channel of See Nepal

Revmandu Sherpa

This motovlog channel was created on 7 March,2013 with 49.8K subscribers and over 5 Million plus views. The youtube channel consists of random ride videos and also bikes and scooter reviews. The vlogger rides a Ducati and currently has CBR 600 bike for his vlogs.

YouTube Channel of Revmandu Sherpa


So that is our top 10 bike vloggers in Nepal and it is suggested that you check them out as all of the above have really good content. Besides these there are also some other vloggers like Bis Bro with 5K plus subscriber, 2 wheels and adventure with 5K subscriber, Sau gat vlogs with 28.5K subscribers and many more.