Hyundai Creta VS Kia Seltos | Which one is best?

Hyundai Creta VS Kia Seltos
Hyundai Creta VS Kia Seltos which one is best

Hyundai Creta has been the popular SUV choice among people. But, it doesn’t mean that other SUVs aren’t its competitor. The top on the list of competitors is Kia Seltos. Kia Seltos is a new SUV in the market and has been winning the hearts of people. Both the SUVs are popular in the market but the question comes which one is best?

Creta has been famous for many years. Likewise, it is a car from Hyundai, people trust Hyundai. On the other hand, Seltos is a new model of SUV. People may not trust it so, there might be some trust issues with Seltos.

Here are some more comparisons between Creta and Seltos to find out which one is best.

Firstly, mileage. The Hyundai Creta gives 16.8 to 21.4 kmpl. Whereas Seltos gives  16.1 to 20.8 kmpl. the mileage may differ according to variants and driving conditions. But, it seems like Creta has a better mileage.

Secondly, turn lights. the Seltos comes with led turn indicators. But Creta has a non-led turn indicator headlamps. The Creta has awesome headlights, however, the lack of turn indicator headlamps makes it less appealing than Seltos.

Thirdly, the size of the car. the Seltos has 1800 mm width and 4315 mm length. Whereas, Creta has 1790 mm width and 4300 mm length. The Seltos is slightly bigger in dimension. And finally, the car tec connection. they both come with a touch screen but the layout is different. the Creta gives you more than 50 car tec features whereas, Seltos gives only 37.

In conclusion, both the cars are great in tuns of performance, specifications, and features. They both have their pros and cons. I suggest to choose the SUV that best suits your criteria.

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