Gear Bicycle Price in Nepal [2023 Update]

The first vehicle we owned wasn’t a bike or a car. It was a bicycle. We have so many memories with the bicycle. As we grow up the style of the cycle changes. From tricycle to gear bicycle, we have shifted the cycling experience. so, today we are going to talk about the price of the gear cycle in Nepal.

gear in bicycle

Gear is an important part of a bicycle. They help in climbing and keeping the peddles steady. Moreover, gears help to ride a bicycle more efficiently. Without gears, you may crash while going up the hill. Likewise, without gears, you won’t be able to control the speed while going downhill.

here is the price of some available gear cycles in Nepal

Price of Gear Bicycle in Nepal

Trinx M100 Elite Racing Bicycle – 26 InchesNPR 21,500
Trinx K036 Mountain BikeNPR 28,000
Trinx M116 elite Mountain BikeNPR 22,500
Trinx M136 Elite Racing BicycleNPR 26,350
Trinx C200 Mountain BikeNPR 33,000
Trinx 2018 M116 Mountain BikesNPR 35,000
Trinx M700 Elite Racing BicycleNPR 37,250
Trinx M1000 Elite Racing BicycleNPR 40,200
Trinx D7000 Elite Racing BicycleNPR 43,100
Trinx Mountain bicycle x4s 27.5NPR 48,000
Trinx Racing BicycleNPR 60,000
Trinx m series 10 speed Mountain bike NPR 63,000
Trinx X7 Elite Mountain BikeNPR 69300
Trinx B1000 Mountain BicycleNPR 80,000
Trinx X8 elite Mountain BikeNPR 78,600
Trinx Brave 1.5 Mountain BikeNPR 120,000
Gitano 5 Strike Wheel BicycleNPR 41,500
Gitano talon jd 3.0 BicycleNPR 24,000
Jamis Komodo Pro 20NPR 225,000
Kona lanai 2016 Mountain BicycleNPR 65,000
FURY YT250 Mountain bikeNPR 30,000
Sant Et-2635 NPR 16,000
Kona Process 134 2016 Montain Bike BicycleNPR 2,95,000
Kona Fire Mountain Bicycle Mountain Bike 2016 ModelNPR 78,000
Benz Mtb CarbonNPR 75,000

Cycles are great for the environment as well as for the body. The popularity of cycling has been increasing in many tourist areas of Nepal like Thamel and Pokhara. People are also taking their bike on hiking. However, it is risky to ride a bike on the main road big vehicles. So always be careful and ride safely.

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