6 Things to consider before buing new car


So, You are going to buy a Car then that’s excellent! The car you are going to buy is the most valuable and significant things of your life and for this dedication you want to make it right purchase. Only right cars will value to you because it’s going to be a significant deal. Automobile Hive, tells you some of the points to be considered before buying a new car so, let’s get started…

What sort do I want?

First of all analyse deeply for what purpose do you need a car? It depends upon you. As you know there are different needs of different people. You have to address for which concret needs of you to buy a new car.

Simply we can categorized the intrest of people in two main category that is Luxury implemented next-generations techology and another is for a basic need. these days car’s comes with lot of premium features decide what is crucial to you and what is your main vision of buying a car.

What sort do I actually need?

We’ve recently mentioned that car’s comes with so many premium features so, you have to decide what are those features that you compulsory needs on your car and what are those features which is not bad to have and which features you don’t want to have.

Is it for you single or for your family? determine the size of the car it will be benificial to you. If it’s for your personal use then decide the car’s whole feature more independently if it’s for your family members or also belongs to other people then think twice which features covers both parties need.

What is my budget ?

This is the main things before buying a new car. Think more smartly to get your desire. It is not good to pay more than car deserve. If you are experinced then you can find nice car easily with the affordable price. If “No” then please try to check the price of cars from other showrooms and dealers. It will be more benificial to you. You can find the perfect cars with the starting price range from 80K USD.

If you want the all features to have in your car then the price can bolws out times. Automobile hive is not goimg too much deeply here we want to say that you if you pay higher than the car deserve then rest of the money which you’ve is losting itself.

What finance do I need?

Are you going to do business with this car ? If not then verify the cash in your bank account or with you. Also determine the loan is primary need or not. Compute the money and check where you stand finincally. Before entering the dealership make the proper settlement of the money. It helps you to consult to the owner in a very clear-cut way. Don’t only trust in a one dealer, you must have to check the same car’s price in the market.

How long am I keeping this car?

Determine how lomg time does the car remains with you. If you don’t want the car to have with you for long time then don’t buy a car having the long-term warrenties. If the car you are going to buy is for a long- term then plese invest a little bit money and then but a car having the best warrenties and best features.

Check all certificate

The car’s offers the certification of various aspects. Try to have a car which offers the certificate which will suit to your place road condition. Check insurance and other bills and certification related things.


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