6 Ways to Improve Your Bike’s Mileage

High mileage

The question that often comes to the mind of people while buying a new vehicle is how much mileage will it give. Most drivers consider how much range their vehicles provide per liter.

A company defines a vehicle’s mileage based on certain criteria. However, the mileage claimed by the company differs from when the consumer uses the same vehicle. This makes the customers feel cheated by the company.

According to most drivers, there are various reasons for mileage being insufficiency. The following measures can be taken to determine how much mileage a vehicle provides.

Fill a full tank

We can find out how much mileage a car or bike gives by filling the tank full and using the vehicle until the tank is empty. sometimes the air can enter inside while filling up the tank. This can make the tank appear to be full even when the tank is not full. therefor we should check if the tank has air in it or not before filling up the tank.

Same quality of oil

Often using the same quality fuel can result in constancy in the mileage of a motorcycle or car. If possible, use only one petrol pump station to fill up the tank, this will cause less problems with the engine. Using different stations can cause problems not only in mileage but also in the engine of the vehicle.

Odo meter and trip meter

A reading tab can be placed on the odometer and trip meter to find the correct range. The odometer keeps track of the number of kilometers traveled on a day, and the trip meter will keep track of distance traveled.

In some cars, two trip meters – Trip-A and Trip-B are connected. Trip-A keeps record of the fuel time period while B keeps record of distance traveled.

Focus on the driving cycle

Whether its traveling or traffic jams, driving cycle can greatly affect mileage. It is important to maintain the same driving speed and style without using any alternative routes as much as possible. This process also shows how much range your vehicle gives.

Examine the vehicle

The pressure put on tires can also greatly affect the mileage of the car. In such cases a lot of force is required to rotate the tires. Mileage decreases when more pressure is on the tires. So it is very important to check the condition of the tires. In addition, clutches, air filters, and bad oils can also reduce mileage.

Technical assistance

Technical assistance can help in maintaining the range of the vehicle. Data can be stored on your smartphone using apps including fuel and service schedules.

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