Driving License Written Test and Retrial Have Been Rescheduled

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The applicants who have registered for Retrial and completed their Biometric registration on Thrusday ,2078/11/26 will have their respective written exam and retrail as mentioned in the table below:

Biometric Registration DateRegistration TypeDate for Written ExamTrail Exam Date
Category A/K +New categoryCategory B +New category
Thursday 2078/11/26RetrailMonday 2078/11/30Sunday 2078/11/29
Friday 2078/11/27
Sunday 2078/11/29NewMonday 2078/11/30Wednesday 2078/12/02Friday 2078/12/04
Category add
Monday 2078/11/30NewTuesday 2078/12/01
Category add
Tuesday 2078/12/10NewWednesday 2078/12/02Friday 2078/12/04
Category add
Wednesday 2078/12/02NewMonday 2078/12/07Wednesday 2078/12/09Wednesday 2078/12/09
Category add

The applicants who registered for Retrial on Friday, 2078/11/20 and the applicants who completed their Biometric registration on Sunday, 2078/11/22 will have their respective written exam and retrial as mentioned in the table below.

Registration DateRegistration FormatDate for Written testTrial Date 
Category A/K  Category B
2078/11/20Retrial…….Wednesday 2078/11/25Sunday 2078/11/22
Sunday 2078/11/22NewMonday 2078/11/23Thursday 2078/11/26 
Category Add…..
Monday 2078/11/23NewWednesday 2078/11/25 Friday 2078/11/27
Category Add
Wednesday 2078/11/25NewThursday 2078/11/26Friday 2078/11/27 
Category Add


  • Besides this the Trial exam of Category F which was mentioned in notice published on 2078/11/16 and the trial exam of applicants registered till 2078/11/20 of Machinery and Category F and G have been postponed till next notice due to technical problem.
  • The exam scheduled for 2078/11/19 which was postponed due to public holiday of Loshar will take place on Sunday ,2078/11/22.
  • The trial for the applicants of category A and K who passed written test  that was held on 2078/11/16 which was previously  scheduled for 2078/11/19 have been postponed to 2078/11/23 on Monday.