Bike Bluebook Renew in Nepal. 7 steps to renew your bill book

Bike Bluebook is a small book pad that has information about the vehicle, the owner of the vehicle, and the driver of the vehicle. It is very important to the owner and the driver. Bluebooks also commonly known as bill books should be renewed annually. Likewise, it is the duty of every citizen of Nepal to renew the bluebook of their bike and other vehicles every year. Today we will talk about bike bluebook renew in Nepal along with some additional information regarding renewal.

Bike BlueBook Renew in Nepal

Firstly, go to the Transportation Management Office of your zone. For Kathmandu, you have to go to Ekantakuna License Office. Furthermore, Make sure that you have third party insurance for your bike in Nepal. Third Party Insuarance is mandatory for bike bluebook renew. Then stand in queue and pay the annual price from one of the counters. Give them your bill book and they’ll calculate the amount. Continue reading if you want to know about the fine.

After you have paid the amount to take the bill book or commonly said blue book in Nepal and the receipt of payment along with your insurance papers and go to the window in the back and submit them there. Keep in mind you have to wait for a certain time. So do manage the time before going there. Then wait till your bike number is called out from another window. When they call out the number get all your documents back. Finally, check if everything is ok or not like, stamps, signatures and dates and it’s done.

Bike Bluebook Renew in Nepal.

Now that the process of bike bluebook renewal is done, let us look at other important information regarding the renewal.

When to renew the bluebook of bike in Nepal?

You should renew the bluebook of your bike every year. If you are confused about the date then simply check your bill book. See the date where you have renewed earlier and then check the date you need to renew.

BlueBook Renew Fine in Nepal

 According to the Tax rules, if the renew of bluebook of the bike is not done within three months, you will have to pay a fine in Nepal for not fulfilling your duties. There is some information on how much fine you need to pay for the bike bluebook renew

  • Up to one year of expiry: Rs 200
  • For two fiscal year: Rs 400
  • For 3 fiscal year: Rs 600 and so on for 5 continuous fiscal years.
  • Your vehicle registration is cancelled if not paid for 5 years.

Fine for Unpaid Tax of Vehicles in Nepal

The is the information on how much fine you have to pay if the tax of the vehicle is unpaid.

  • First 30 days: 5% of Tax
  • Up to 45 days : 10% tax
  • Till the end of the fiscal year: 20% of tax
  • Up to 5 years: 32% of tax per year

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