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The most popular Scooters in Nepal with price

The number of scooters has been increasing these past few years in Nepal. People are preferring scooters more as an option for two wheeler vehicle. And it is not just popular with women but also men too favor scooters. It are much more affordable and comfortable to ride than bikes.

It is cheaper and easier to use a scooter for personal transportation. The maintenance cost is also less. It saves fuel cost as well, they don’t consume much fuel and give great mileage. Moreover, with the problem of parking these days, the size of the scooter fits in most of the space around alleys of Kathmandu.

Lets talk about some popular scooter brands and models in Nepal.


vespa scooters

Vespa is manufactured by Piaggio and is an Italian brand. It is popular among the youngsters in Nepal due to its vintage look and design. it is move known for its looks than its specifications. Right now, 5 different models of Piaggio Vespa scooters are available in the Nepali market. It is available in both 125cc and 150cc.

Vespa LX 125Rs.2,64,946
Vespa VXL 125Rs. 3,14,946
Vespa VXL 150Rs. 3,57,946
Vespa NotteRs. 2,64,946
Vespa SXL 125Rs. 3,28,946
Vespa SXL 150Rs. 3,73,946
Vespa SXL MATTE 125Rs. 3,30,946
Vespa SXL MATTE 150Rs. 3,75,946
Vespa Elegante 150Rs. 3,95,946
Vespa in Nepal

The Vespa VXL 150 and SXL 150 are the most popular models. They have the mileage of 45 kmpl and generates 11.06 PS @ 7000 rpm Power and 11.5 Nm @ 5500 rpm Torque.


hero scooters

Hero scooters are popular in Nepali road due it is an affordable price for medium or low-income people. It offers five models of scooters in Nepal, Pleasure, Dash, Duet and Maestro Edge were Hero Destini is the new addition to the Hero family.

Hero Destini 125 Rs. 2,10,000
Hero Pleasure Plus Rs.1,89,000
Hero PleasureRs. 176,500
Hero DuetRs. 1,92,000
Hero DashRs. 176500
Hero Maestro EdgeRs. 1,94,000

Hero pleasure is one of the most popular scooter model of hero. it is the first scooter launched Hero MotoCorp. It is lightweight, stylish, and fun to ride. Hero dash is also a successful model of hero in Nepal. Both have the mileage of 50 kmpl.


Honda scooters

Honda is the largest two-wheeler company in the world. People like this brand for its performance, design and the quality of the engine is also great. In Nepal, Honda sells 5 different scooters.

Honda Scooters in NepalPrice
Honda Grazia STDRs. 219,900
Honda Grazia DLXRs. 239,900
Honda Dio STDRs. 202,900
Honda Dio DLXRs. 212,900
Honda AviatorRs. 214,900
Honda Activa 125 STDRs. 214900
Honda Activa 125 DLXRs. 227900
Honda NaviRs. 154900

The most popular Honda scooter is undoubtedly Dio and aviator in Nepal. These two models are most recognized by everyone. They both have the mileage ko 50 kmpl.


Yamaha scooters

Yamaha is a multinational corporation from Japan. It is well known for its bikes. In Nepal, the MAW Enterprises is the distributor of Yamaha motorcycles. With gaining huge popularity in bikes, Yamaha stared manufacturing scooters. In Nepal, Yamaha sells three different scooters under the 110cc category.

Yamaha ScootersPrice in Nepal
Yamaha NMax 155₨ 459,900
Yamaha Ray ZR Street Rally₨ 220,900
Yamaha Fascino 125₨ 249,900
Yamaha Fascino 113Rs. 2,12900
Yamaha Ray Z₨ 195,900

Yamaha Ray ZR is the most popular product of Yamaha but in the past few years Fascino has been winning the hearts of people with its retro look. Both have a 66 kmpl mileage.

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