When will the trial for driving license open?

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The trial for driving license, due to the pandemic, could not be opened. Though vehicle tax, renewal and other government services have been started, the trial has not started yet. 

The trial is the responsibility of the provence government. Krishna Kumar Mishra, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development, Province no.2, said that the trial may open in consultation with the Department of Transport Management as the software and other administrative work is being looked after by the Department of Transport Management. 

Trial for driving license in Nepal

As the corona infection is increasing day by day, the trial for driving license will be conducted only after looking at the situation, as informed by Dr Loknath Bhushal.

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“We are discussing the issue with the central and state ministries, the transport office, the company providing the vehicle for the trial, the driving centre and all other parties,” he said. He also said, “to set new criteria or to do the same as before, will be decided according to everyone’s suggestions.”

A decision on when and how to hold the trial would be taken in two to four days. ‘We will make a decision before the festival. But since it will take some time to prepare, the trial will be open only after the festival, ‘he said.