NADA Auto Show 2024. Where to park your Vehicle ?

nada auto show 2023

The NADA: Automobiles Association of Nepal, which is organizing the 15th edition of the auto show at Bhrikutimandap in Kathmandu from Bhadra 26 to 31, 2080, has revealed a fresh approach to parking arrangements.

During a press conference held yesterday, the association made a noteworthy announcement that deviates from past practices. Specifically, it was communicated that vehicles will no longer be directed to the Bhrikutimandap exhibition gate, as confirmed during the NADA-organized press conference on Monday.

Anup Kumar Baral, Chairman of the Auto Show Organizing Committee, provided insight into the rationale behind this decision. “In contrast to previous years, parking facilities will not be accessible within the premises of Bhrikutimandap,” Baral disclosed. This choice stemmed from the consideration of potential flooding risks in the parking area that were encountered last year, leading to a prudent decision-making approach this time around.

Dhruba Thapa, President of NADA, unveiled the upcoming changes for the NADA Auto Show. Thapa drew attention to recurring traffic congestion and logistical impediments attributed to limited parking space at Bhrikutimandap. As a countermeasure, an alternative strategy has been devised to alleviate these concerns.

To cater to auto show attendees, the organizers have suggested exploring diverse parking options. NADA is actively engaging with pertinent stakeholders to leverage parking facilities at key locations, including Kathmandu View Tower, the Kathmandu Mall parking lot, and the Sainik Office building. Additionally, attendees are encouraged to utilize familiar parking spaces, contributing collectively to the reduction of traffic congestion.

A significant facet of this year’s event is the introduction of a complimentary shuttle bus service. This collaborative effort, involving entities such as the Tourism Board, Shaheed Gate, Kathmandu Mall, Sainik Kalyankari Bhavan, Shankhadhar Park, and Kathmandu View Tower, aims to simplify transportation logistics for attendees. This initiative is poised to ensure convenient access to the exhibition venue, irrespective of the chosen parking location.

The 15th edition of the auto show, anticipated to attract around 70,000 participants, is expected to invigorate the automobile industry. As NADA directs its efforts towards enriching the event experience, these inventive parking and transportation arrangements are projected to yield a more seamless and efficient auto show, ultimately making a positive contribution to the broader automotive sector.