Yamaha EMF Price in Nepal (Feb 2024 Update)

Yamaha Emf price in Nepal

Yamaha EMF will soon launch an electric scooter in Nepal. EMF is created in partnership with Taiwanese e-scooter startup Gogoro. So, EMF is an electric scooter from famous Japanese brand Yamaha. Yamaha EMF price in Nepal is not officially confirmed yet. It has powerful and aggressive styling. It  looks properly sporty. It has two removable Gogoro-compatible Lithium batteries. The batteries can be swapped at Gogoro GoStation as it has battery swap facilities. Gogoro also provides a home charger named GoCharger.

Yamaha Electric scooter price in Nepal
Yamaha EMF

Yamaha EMF Electric scooter Highlights

  • Yamaha EMF Electric scooter will soon launch in Nepal by the end of 2023.
  • Yamaha EMF price in Nepal is not confirmed yet.
  • Game-changer in the Nepalese market.
  • Some key connectivity features are: Lat parking location, turn-by-turn navigation and fleet management system.

 Design of Yamaha EMF Electric scooter

It has a small storage space in the center of the floorboard. This can be used as a cup holder. There is also USB charger ports between riders feet. It has a unique feature where an NFC card is used to turn on and off the scooter. It has dual LED headlamps which provide brighter and clearer light. It also enhances visibility on the road , ensuring your vehicle is more visible to others.

Yamaha Electric scooter price in Nepal
Cupholder in Yamaha EMF

 Yamaha EMF Electric scooter has a trendy rearview mirror through which one can see behind your vehicle without turning your head. Digital instrument clusters help to access all kinds of information through software. It has a single piece which is mostly common on adventure bikes. It allows a lot of space for riders to move while driving. It has apron-mounted LED spotlights and rides on 10 inch alloy wheels. It has a seat height of 785mm.

 Safety measure of Yamaha EMF

 The scooter  has a combined braking system for four piston hydraulic  disc brakes. It prevents the vehicle from nose-driving which results in stability during braking. It results in effective braking. Whatever the weather, it provides more efficient and consistent stopping. It has power mode for better handling on the road. It has a lightweight frame with high torsional rigidity. It improves control and handling. With these safety measures Yamaha EMF price in Nepal is expected to be high.

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Powertrain of Yamaha EMF

Yamaha EMF Electric scooter has a powertrain of 10hp with a 7.6kW mid-motor attached to a replaceable battery. It has combined power of 10.1 hp/26 Nm. At just 3.5 seconds the vehicle accelerates from 0 to  50 km/h.

 Whenever the battery is low Yamaha EMF Electric scooter owners can visit a nearby swap station to get battery charge. The Yamaha EMF Electric scooter maximum speed is expected to be 100 km/h.

Yamaha Electric scooter price in Nepal

Technical specifications of Yamaha EMF

Power Torque26 Nm at 25pp rpm
Power output10 bhp at 3000 rpm
Acceleration0 to  50 km/h in 3.5 seconds 
Battery TypeGogoro-compatible Lithium
Battery range110 km
Braking Functions200mm Disc Up Front190mm Disc UP Rear
Braking SystemCBS
Motor7.6 KWh mid-mounted
colorDark Black, Dark Green, Sugar White and Light Blue
Suspension SystemVertical Front Forks
Dual Rear Shocks
Alloys100-section front
130-section rear
speed 100 km/h(  Expected)

Yamaha EMF price in Nepal

 Yamaha EMF price in Nepal is not officially confirmed yet. At the end of 2023 this scooter will launch in Nepal and expected Yamaha EMF price in Nepal is Rs. 4.50 lakhs.

ModelYamaha EMF price in Nepal (Expected)
Yamaha EMF Rs. 4.50 lakhs


It is unclear about the exact date when Yamaha EMF Electric scooter will launch in Nepal. After officially launching the Yamaha EMF Electric scooter ,you can visit the Yamaha showroom  to know the exact Yamaha EMF price in Nepal. We can also visit the official site of Yamaha too.

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