Things to be considered while buying helmets in Nepal

Buying Helmet in Nepal

I recently saw a very big accident that occurred nearby my home town. The accident occurred so big because the rider was not wearing his helmet. If he had worn the helmet, he might have got fewer injuries. Using Helmet is an effective method of reducing road injuries and deaths. Due to motorcycle collisions, many people die around the world. Without Helmet, one can definitely ride, but cannot be safe. The wrong helmet will make you feel miserable on even a 10-minute ride and the right helmet will save you from most of the extreme conditions in an effective manner. There are a few things you need to take care of while buying helmets in Nepal.

One should buy the helmet with care and should also focus on some important factors.

While buying a helmet, you should consider the following things:

Things to pay attention while buying helmets in Nepal

#. Helmets Materials

The helmet is made up of fiberglass, shock-absorbing material, carbon fiber, or composite, usually expanded polystyrene, plus an inner layer of usually multiple layers, and inside there is comfort lining normally comprised of soft foam and cloth. All styles of Helmet generally have a hard outer shell, usually made of fiberglass. 

There are majorly three categories of helmet for personality and body structure:

  1. Namely round oval
  2. Intermediate oval
  3. Long oval

Certainly, it is not the Helmet which you should be wearing while riding, if the helmet you are wearing is putting pressure on wrong points on your head. A right-sized Helmet will prevent large movements, will pull the skin of your face and scalp while removing, and will fit exactly like a crown. 

#. Consider Retention while buying helmet in Nepal

Retention is a basic problem of half-faced and some of the modular helmets. One must always check the same before purchasing a helmet. The helmet that will protect you, will stay on your head in the worst conditions. And the rest simply weights on our head.

#. Proper Cushioning

In case of any crash or fatal conditions, helmets are made to protect your skull from damage and inner cushioning of the helmet plays a vital role in the same. The proper cushioning can absorb the force in a significant manner. The inner surface of the helmet must not be flat. The flat inner surface is not able to provide a good kind of protection.

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