Segway N100 Price in Nepal

Segway N100 Price in Nepal (July 2024 Update)

 Segway Ninebot is one of the popular brands which provide its products in 80+ countries. Segway launched the N100 electric scooter in Nepal on February 10, 2023. Segway N100 is one of the cheapest scooters in Nepal, which is loved by thousands of Nepalese.  Segway N100 Price in Nepal varies with its different variants. The starting Segway N100 Price in Nepal is  Rs. 2,60,000. One of the interesting things about this electric scooter is no keys are required for turning on and off the scooter. Locking of the scooter along with  turning on and off can be done through buttons.

Design of Segway N100 

Segway N100 Price in Nepal
Segway N100

Segway N100 has slim looks to provide a comfortable and convenient ride. It has LED headlight setup with LED DRL which makes the car more visible to traffic. It also makes the front look of a scooter more attractive. Automatic on and off of headlamps is possible in Segway N100. 

Back profile of Segway N100 is straightforward. At the lower side of the scooter there is the presence of a battery which makes balance of the scooter easier. It has a long-lasting battery.

Spreading of water or mud can be prevented easily as there is presence of double mudguard. It also stops mud getting on public walking on the road or scooter.

It also has a digital display which provides more precision while measuring speed. It has adjustable and comfortable seats. It has a powerful engine too.

With this feature Segway N100 Price in Nepal seems affordable.

Safety measure of  Segway N100 

  • Cruise control: It allows the scooter to keep at constant speed which lowers the risk of accidents.
  • Auto-sensors: With this feature, a parking sensor alerts the rider when their scooter is moved while parking.
  • Battery Management System(BMS): It monitors the battery and provides safe charging and discharging.
  • Anti-theft System: It ensures your scooter is being protected from being stolen.
  • Seat Detection: It makes sure the passenger airbag deploys only under correct circumstances.
Segway N100 Price in Nepal
Seat of Segway N100

Technology used in Segway N100

  • Ninebot Airlock: It allows riders to lock and unlock scooters with bluetooth connection.
  • RideyGo!: Scooters can start and stop with the rider’s smartphone easily.
  • Over-the-Air(OTA): It makes sure that the scooter is running the GPS and latest software.
  • Black box+SOS: In case of an accident  it provides an emergency alert in case of an accident. 
  •  Dual Disc Brakes with E-ABS: It works on both the front rear wheels. It avoids wheel lockup and steers out dangerous scenarios.

Segway N100 Price in Nepal seems reasonable as it provide us advanced and modern technology.

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Technical Specification of Segway N100

Ground Clearance129mm
Braking TypeE-ABS
Weight76 kg
Peak  Power2400 W
Peak Torque150 Nm
Top Speed62 kmph
Tyres10-inch Anti-Skit -Dual Disc
Tubeless TyreYes
Battery 1728 Wh
Battery TypeLithium
Motor2400 W
ColorsRed, Blue, White

Charging Time of Segway N100

With a normal AC charger  Segway N100 can charge between 8-9 hours at home. With a DC charger, Segway N100 can charge in 2.5 hours.

Note you can use NFC Card, APP and PIN code in order to operate the scooter.

Segway N100 Price in Nepal

Additional features of  Segway N100 

  • Riding Modes
  • USB charging port
  • LED Head and Tail lamp
  • AHRS(Attitude and Heading Reference System)
  • Hazard Light Switch
  • IoT Features
  • Reverse Mode
  • 3-level Regenerative Braking

Segway N100 Variants

Segway N100  has a single variant.

Segway N100 Price in Nepal

VariantSegway N100 Price in Nepal
Segway Ninebot N100 Rs. 2,60,000


Segway N100 is a high-performer motor for quick and easy transportation. Hub private limited if officially authorized importer and distributor of Segway Scooter in Nepal. To know the exact recent Segway N100 Price in Nepal you can visit its official showroom at Jhamsikhel in Lalitpur or Rising Mall Kathmandu.

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